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Me and My Girl

Yesterday I went out with my girl. We went to the hairdresser’s together and had a lovely time.

me and my girl 1 one

My beautiful girl.

me and my girl 2 two

Afterwards we went shopping. You can never have too many shoes!  And then we had lunch.

me and my girl 3 three

It was the perfect morning.

Bonfire Night Celebrations

Yes, I know it’s been a while since Bonfire Night, but Owl took the photos of the fireworks and I promised they would feature in a blog post, so here it is!


We had our bonfire on Sunday 3rd November, and we invited some friends and Paul’s mum over as we do every year.  We started with the fireworks, and as I’m not a fan I let Owl have my phone to take photos while I stayed in the kitchen cooking the supper!

fireworks two

After the fireworks, we had supper – baked potatoes and sausage casserole, followed by stewed apple and custard – with some of us sitting outside by the bonfire and some of us inside.

bonfire night

We finished the evening indoors watching the Strictly results show, and eating toasted marshmallows.

treacle toffee

On Tuesday 5th, the children were a little disappointed that they couldn’t have another bonfire, but Owl and I made treacle toffee and our friends came round again.

sparklers one 1

We had sparklers in the garden, which made up for the lack of bonfire.

sparklers two 2

On Thursday night, the big boys also went with daddy to their Beavers and Cubs bonfire night and had a brilliant time.

I’m linking up with Coombe Mill’s Country Kids – a little late this week – though my Bonfire Night post is not quite as impressive as Fiona’s – you should go and take a look 🙂

Country Kids from Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays Cornwall

Easter holidays

I have been erratic as usual in blogging what we have been up to, which often happens when we are too busy doing it to write about it.  I am really tired at the moment, and have been going to bed as soon as the children finally settle, but I have made myself stay up tonight in an attempt to catch up.  The holidays started with a relaxing and fun Easter weekend at Granny and Grandpa’s.  The children enjoyed lots of arts and crafts, cooking and playing, and I enjoyed having time to blog about it all – a one to one ratio is very civilised!  Since then life has been a little more hectic.  I had two days at home, mainly occupied with washing and packing before setting off annual trip to Butlins in Minehead for Spring Harvest.  It is a… well I’m not sure how to describe it… Christian holiday/ conference type thing.  I’m sure there’s a better way of putting it.  We are the group organisers for our church, and we enjoyed spending time with the other families in our group, as well as meeting new people.

Our Spring Harvest highlights this year:

  • soft play and Bob the Builder world – we spent a lot of time there, as always
  • the children settled in well to their group activities in the mornings, and had a lot of fun
  • I managed to attend four of the adult sessions this time – a significant improvement on my previous best, and a testimony to the fact that life is getting easier as the kids get older (though that did make me a bit sad – it was weird being at Spring Harvest without a little baby)
  • the Big Start in the big top – an all-age introduction to the day’s theme
  • the evening all-age worship – a very chilled out end to the day
  • having two extra children with us for 24 hours while their parents’ drove home (four hours each way) for their eldest son’s confirmation.  This was a lot of fun, and also a highlight because it felt like quite an achievement that it all went so smoothly, and it was nice to be able to help our friends out.  Six children? Easy!
  • some evening socialising with the other parents (thanks to Supergirl) and daily chats over coffee
  • swimming (for the children) and not swimming (definitely a highlight for me and thanks – again – to Supergirl.  I love swimming but not the kind that involves standing at the bottom of slides getting cold and hoping your children will emerge safely.)
  • setting foot on the beach (for about 15 minutes, in between all the other things the children wanted to do – there is never enough time to fit everything in!)
  • feeling proud of Owl who had a little more freedom to explore this time, in the Skyline where the book stall and exhibition stands were, and was very responsible about coming back when he said he would (usually only about 5 minutes at a time, but it was a good experience for him.)
  • twinning our toilets (I kid you not)
  • Tiddler’s birthday, which was the last full day.  All four children were extremely lucky to be chosen to dance onstage in the final Big Start in the morning (the link is to someone’s video from Week 1 and we were there in Week 2 but it gives you the idea!)  Later on, to celebrate Tiddler’s birthday we had lunch with three other families (19 of us in total) in one of the restaurants on site.  And for me another highlight of the day was catching up, briefly, with my lovely friend (Owl’s godmother) who came for the day and joined us at the all-age worship in the evening.

I always come back from Spring Harvest feeling tired but happy, and inspired about something new.  This time I got most excited by a conversation with others from our church about the idea of starting a “messy church” service, which we have been wanting to do for a while.  It was good to discover that the others liked the idea too!

Since then, we have had a quiet few days at home, trying to catch up with laundry and housework, but also having fun with the children and enjoying unstructured time before the term-time routines start up again.  They have played with their trains and cars, Lego and puzzles, and set up a shop selling toy food.  We have enjoyed time together drawing, colouring and working on sticker and activity books, and playing with playdough.  Monkey, Rabbit and Tiddler made food, and Owl made a red planet with a space police prison on it (apparently this is based on the Lego Clutch Powers movie!)

On our way to and from Spring Harvest we drove past Stonehenge, and the children drew some great pictures for our Prehistory project when we got home.

We have also started a new project based on a Friends and Heroes DVD which we bought at Spring Harvest, along with a curriculum pack for home educators.  And today we have been making the most of the sunshine with a whole afternoon of messy play in the garden, involving rice, split peas, flour, shaving foam and water.  I really need to blog that separately I think.  Tiddler hasn’t been very well for the last few days, but he seems to be getting better and he really enjoyed playing in the garden today.  I hope Spring is finally here!

Random round up

I’ve been so far behind that I’ve forgotten a lot of what we have done in the last couple of weeks, but this is some of it.  Some of the photos may be assigned to the wrong days but they are approximately right!

Monday 5th November was a quiet day at home, with music lessons cancelled because of Owl’s tummy bug and Monkey’s cough.  In the evening I attempted to go to choir with Suburban Dad but gave up because my back was really bad, and I couldn’t sit, or even stand still, so I walked home, took some strong painkillers and went to bed.

Tuesday 6th and Wednesday 7th November were mostly spent at home as well, but Monkey went  to London to stay the night with Granny and Grandpa at the flat.  He went to the Museum of Childhood and the Lego shop with Granny.

Somebody (might have been Rabbit with help from Supergirl?) wrote some lovely numbers on a blackboard, Monkey drew a shape man on the easel blackboard and he and Rabbit produced lots and lots of sticker pictures.

Thursday 8th November started off quite peacefully but ended up being rather an eventful day.  Supergirl took Rabbit to her swimming lesson by train while the boys and I had a productive time at home.  Owl made a Bronze Age lunula, brooch and shield.

The afternoon ended with a trip to A&E, because Monkey fell and knocked out his two front teeth.  I thought they were baby teeth, but I just couldn’t be certain.  He does have some adult teeth, and I couldn’t remember which ones, so it was a big relief when the doctor reassured us they were baby teeth.  He was very brave and stoical, even though he missed the fireworks at the Scout group bonfire night.  He and Suburban dad arrived at the end, just in time for a hot dog, and to meet with Owl, Supergirl and some friends of ours.

Friday 9th November started early with violin lessons, and the rest of the morning was spent at home with the children being quite busy and productive.  A friend came to visit us and then came back later to look after the other children while I took Monkey to the dentist for an x-ray.  At the end of the afternoon I took all of the children to the doctor’s because Monkey and Tiddler’s coughs were quite bad, but their chests were clear which was reassuring.  Over a week later they still have the coughs though.

Saturday 10th – Sunday 11th November was a fairly quiet weekend.  I’m not sure what happened when but I think these photos might have been from the Saturday (or maybe not!)  Monkey spent a long time drawing alphabet pictures on the easel, Owl played with a Lego Education set and Rabbit and I made a Bendaroos mermaid.  On Sunday we went to church and in the evening some friends came round and we had more fireworks and a bonfire which the children had helped to build.

Monday 12th November started with some Maths work on shape and symmetry, which led to a long session of all the children playing with the wooden blocks, shape sorter and clock, and doing some symmetrical paintings.  For some reason I didn’t photograph the paintings, and now I don’t know where they are, but I do have a random picture of one of Monkey’s wooden block creations.

I took Owl and Monkey to their piano lessons, and then in the afternoon we had our LEA visit, during which the children made some more Hama bead creations.

In the evening, Owl went to Strings group and then Suburban dad and I went to choir.

Tuesday 13th November started with a rush to get the children smartly dressed for photographs at the Toddler group.  After they were done, Owl and Monkey went home with Supergirl while I stayed with the little ones for the rest of the session.  While we were there, Rabbit started to feel unwell, and later that day she was sick several times.  Owl and Monkey went to their swimming lessons by train with Supergirl, and then in the evening Monkey and Tiddler made a Christmas cake with daddy while I went to Pilates.

Wednesday 14th November was a beautiful sunny day, and Supergirl looked after Rabbit while I took the boys to the park with our Home Education group.  They had a great time playing with their friends in the playground and feeding the ducks.  In the evening, Monkey went to Beavers, and then I went to my Rosemary Conley exercise class.

Thursday 15th November was another day which started off with a Maths lesson that took most of the morning.  Monkey did some addition practice, then got the blocks out again and made a crab.  Owl did some work about Carroll diagrams, and we made one using some stars, then took them off so that Monkey could have a go.  Tiddler did some drawings and told me what each one was.  He started with a hot air balloon with a basket, and then there was another hot air balloon, a boat and a trailer, and a LOT of “horseys”.  Monkey made lots of interesting 3D shapes using Magnext.

In the afternoon, Rabbit stayed at home with Supergirl again, while I took the boys to another Home Ed group.  In the evening, Owl went to cubs, and I went to a knitting group meeting in the pub.  It was a little daunting, as my knitting skills are rather basic, but it was interesting to meet some new people, and I really enjoyed catching up with my lovely friend who blogs here – it was nice to talk to her in person for a change instead of online.

Friday 16th November was quiet and peaceful in the morning, and the children did a lot of Maths and English.  After lunch we went one stop on the train – oh the excitement – to the bookshop, to buy Monkey a joined-up handwriting workbook which he has been wanting for a while.  On the way there, I remembered that we had a dentist appointment later in the afternoon, so it was a rather short outing as we didn’t have time to go to any other shops, but the children enjoyed it anyway.  In the evening we went to our local Italian restaurant for supper, and ordered far too much pizza, most of which we took home with us.

Today (Saturday 17th November) Tiddler went to Dramabuds with daddy, Owl made a rubber-band powered aeroplane, and Monkey and Rabbit sorted through their trays of half-finished work and pictures.  Rabbit did some of her Nativity colouring book, and Monkey found a story he had started writing over a year ago and finished it.  It is about a pig who wants to know what Lego is like so he goes to Legoland.  I love it and would like to post it on here, but I need to ask him if he wants me to or not, and he is asleep now.  Anyway, if he wants to, it probably deserves a separate post!  At lunchtime we went to Granny’s church fair, and then Owl went to his choir practice.  In the afternoon all the boys had haircuts and we did some shopping, and then came home for supper, which was the pizza from yesterday – more than enough for another meal.

Okay, finally up to date, so I can go to bed now…

Half term and Halloween, Fireworks and Toffee

I’m still rather behind on blogging but before I forget everything, here is at least some of what we did in half term week…  I spent most of the week trying to catch up on washing and housework after our weekend away in France, and I wasn’t feeling full of energy to do lots of creative things with the kids.  Luckily Dramabuds came to the rescue.  The big three went on a drama camp for three mornings (Tuesday to Thursday) finishing with a brilliant Halloween performance.  Owl was a wizard, Monkey a ghost and Rabbit a bat, and they all had a fantastic time.  On the Tuesday afternoon there were also two Dramabuds parties, one for the little ones which Tiddler and I went to, and one for the older children afterwards.

On Tuesday evening, Suburban dad carved a pumpkin lantern, and on Wednesday Rabbit and I made pumpkin soup.  We lit the lantern when it got dark and we decided that it would look even better with Monkey’s Diwali candle beside it.

On Wednesday afternoon, the little two went to Home ed group without me, at their friends’ house.  They had fun doing Halloween activities, and enjoyed having their own outing without the older ones.  While they were out, I did the flour cake game with the big two, and they played with the flour for a long time afterwards (the handprint is Owl’s.)

In the evening, we all played the apple game (standing on a chair and dropping a fork into a bowl of apples – like ducking for apples but easier!) and then the big two went to the rainbow party at church, and little two had a “party” at home.  This was Rabbit’s idea, and I didn’t mind, as all she wanted was to choose her own supper (fishfingers followed by maltesers and pineapple pieces!) and then play musical statues with Tiddler.  Best party I’ve been to for a while.

I can’t remember what else we did that week, but I know it involved a lot of Lego.  Among other things, Rabbit made a Duplo model and Monkey and Owl made Lego vowels.


We had a quiet weekend at home, as Owl and Tiddler had a tummy bug.  We had planned to have a bonfire on the Sunday evening, but we had to postpone it as the boys weren’t well, and also it was a rather wet day for building a fire.  We did have fireworks and sparklers though, and Suburban Dad and Supergirl made bonfire toffee and toffee apples.

Center Parcs

I’m a bit behind on blogging what we have been up to – well more or less two weeks behind in fact.  So I’m going to try to follow some sensible advice from Suburban dad and just write something, even if it’s fairly brief, rather than trying to catch up all at once.  Two weeks ago today we were frantically packing for our trip to Center Parcs in France.  On the Friday morning, we set off very early and drove to Dover.  We had breakfast on the ferry, then drove to Laon.  We did a big supermarket shop (food for the weekend and a lot of random stuff just because French supermarkets are so much fun), and then drove to Center Parcs.  We had a late lunch, settled in and unpacked, then went down to the main building to book some activities and explore a bit, before coming back to the chalet for a very late supper.

On Saturday, straight after breakfast we set off with the children on their scooters, and went to the Pony club.  Rabbit and Owl both had a lovely ride, but Monkey and Tiddler weren’t quite brave enough to do it.  We also went to the little farm, the playground and the beach, before heading back for lunch.   In the afternoon, Suburban Dad and Supergirl took Tiddler swimming first and then Owl and Monkey.  Rabbit was still recovering from her chest infection so she wasn’t able to swim, and she was very disappointed.  The big boys played with Lego and Rabbit had a bath so she could play with her Playmobil swimmer – which was fine, but she wanted me to come in the bath with her.  I agreed just to cheer her up, and it was rather sweet but oh it is very cold sitting in the bath at 4 year old depth!   She then asked to play battleships, which was too difficult, but we just about managed it with some help from Owl.  After that she did some colouring, and she and Tiddler watched some French children’s TV.  In the evening we had a very nice supper at the creperie, which we remembered from our visit three years ago, and it lived up to our expectations – good fast food and great service.

On Sunday, after breakfast the children went riding again (Rabbit, Owl and Monkey – but Tiddler was not to be persuaded), then back to the farm and playground.  The boys, Suburban Dad and Supergirl went swimming again, and Rabbit and I played on the beach and made a sandcastle.  We had lunch at another restaurant, and all enjoyed our steak/ burgers/ chicken and lots of chips.  In the afternoon we went on a motor boat on the lake, then to the soft play area.  We had a quick play on the beach, before going bowling, and then back to our chalet for a late supper again.

On Monday we had breakfast, packed up, had a last play on the beach, then lunch at the creperie again before setting off for Calais.  We nearly missed the same boat twice, first because we had to get out of the car for our passports to be checked (they couldn’t see all the children clearly as one of the headrests was up too high) and then because we were waiting in the wrong lane, but realised at quite literally the last minute.  Thanks to Superdad’s quick reactions we made it but only just – we were the last car on the boat.  We had eaten our sandwiches in the car, which was probably a good thing as the weather wasn’t great and several of us felt sick on the boat.  So we spent quite a while out on deck, which was rather cold, but fun to see the lights of Dover as we came into the port.  We arrived home very late at night, completely exhausted but happy after a very successful trip.  Center Parcs, you may not be very exciting but you are reliably good fun, so I think we’ll be back!

Ups and downs this weekend

I feel like I need a ticker across the top of my blog with the names of those currently ill in our house, just to save time.  It seems that every other blog post I find myself writing that someone was ill again.  On Friday night and Saturday morning it was me (feeling sick, tummy pains, couldn’t sleep.)  Suburban dad was heroic, and did breakfast without me then took Tiddler to Dramabuds.  The others decided that they wanted a pyjama day, and had a good time playing, watching TV and doing various Lego-related things on the computer.  They were very happily occupied, so I stayed in bed nearly all morning.  Which would have been more enjoyable if I wasn’t feeling ill, but I appreciated it anyway.

In the afternoon, Suburban dad and I went to the final rehearsal for our choral society concert, while Supergirl and her friend looked after the children.  I was feeling a bit better, though not great, and determined not to miss the opportunity of singing in the concert.  After the rehearsal, we dashed to M&S to buy an outfit for me to wear (I have lost a lot of weight since I last sang with the choir, and the clothes I used to wear have long since been taken to the charity shop.)  We came home, gave the children supper and got ready to go out, and my friend (R) came over to babysit, so Supergirl and her friend could come to the concert.  We sang Durufle’s Requiem and it was hard but I enjoyed it.

Rabbit has also been feeling unwell again, and she got worse last night.  She spent about half the night in our bed coughing and complaining of tummy ache.  This morning, I was feeling too ill and tired to go to church, and I suggested that Rabbit might like to stay at home with me, but she really wanted to go with the others.  I had quite a productive morning of housework at home while they were at church then playing with friends afterwards.  Rabbit was sick again, though probably just as a result of coughing so much.

We had some more friends over for lunch (R and her family), and they stayed for the afternoon.  All the children played very nicely, and did some more Hama beading, while we chatted and carried on with the housework.  R did some ironing (Hama beads and clothes) until her husband arrived, at which point she stopped in case he got any funny ideas about her doing this at home!  I am very grateful for all her help.  She is the best sort of friend – the kind who leaves the house tidier than when she arrived, even when her three children are with her.  Suburban dad built Rabbit’s new wardrobe, having dismantled the old one which we are fairly sure still had mould spores in it from our damp and mould saga of a couple of years ago.  Owl and Monkey also have a new wardrobe, which arrived on Friday, and Tiddler has their old one, so now it is technically possible to put all the clothes away at once there is no excuse…I will have to tackle the laundry mountain.  I have made considerable progress today, and the bottom of the laundry basket is in sight.  There’s a long way to go with the ironing basket though.  (Might have to invite R around again soon.)

So, overall, more ups than downs this weekend.  Even if, at the end of it, two of us are still unwell.  And counting…

Friday round up – 12th October 2012

At the end of last week, I thought we were more or less over the sickness bug, though that didn’t turn out to be the case.  On Friday we had another day at home with ill and recovering children, but as the day went on they all seemed to be fine and we had quite a nice time.  Owl, Monkey and Rabbit did a little more work on their Prehistory project, which we haven’t done anything with since before the summer.  We received a parcel from PlayMerrily which caused a lot of excitement, with boots for the little ones, a crystal science kit and a sewing kit.

Owl and I had a go at the crystal science kit, but it wasn’t that successful.  I was rather distracted, we were too hasty, I’m not sure what went wrong but we have some rather tiny crystals.  We need to wait until all the lovely green water evaporates off and then have another go I suppose.  I started the sewing kit with Rabbit, then she did some more knitting and we all continued making the pompoms we had started the day before.  Granny (my mum) was here too and the children had a lovely time playing with her.  Rabbit also painted a unicorn picture on a canvas that she had been given a while ago, and she and Monkey drew some pictures with chalk.



On Saturday, we took Supergirl to her au pair training day, and then visited my aunt as the training day was near her house.  We then had lunch in a pizza restaurant, and went for a walk.  It was a beautiful sunny afternoon and the children had a great time jumping in a really big muddy puddle, collecting leaves, picking brambles and rosehips and bug hunting (we took some ants home with us!)  We also found an interesting snail on a leaf,  saw some horses in the meadow, looked at some mushrooms and joined hands around a huge oak tree to see if we could reach round.  (We could, but only just.)  In the evening we visited Granny (my mother-in-law) and then went to the Harvest Supper at church.

On Sunday, we went to church, and Owl played his violin in the service.  We had a quiet afternoon at home doing housework while the children watched a DVD, then they did their music practice and bedroom tidying before Rabbit’s friend came round to play at the end of the day.

As the children had been fine at the weekend, we thought we were over the illness, but Rabbit was sick again on Monday night so we were back to cancelling some of our activities again.  We managed piano lessons and swimming lessons – even Rabbit swam as she was fine yesterday and hadn’t been sick for several days.  She did really well in her lesson, and swam unaided for the first time.  However, last night she was sick again so we have had another day at home today.

We have done lots of things at home this week, and I can probably only remember about half of them.  I played Stairs and Slides (a times tables version of snakes and ladders) with Owl and Monkey, and also Scrabble.  We have done some Maths work on money and time, English work on homophones and writing character descriptions, lots of Reading Eggs, and a Reading CD-Rom, music practice, hama beads and plenty of playing with trains, cars and Lego.  Monkey made a brilliant computer (with monitor, keyboard and mouse) out of Duplo.  Monkey has also been to Beavers and Owl has been to Cubs.

Owl spent a lot of yesterday experimenting with bits and pieces from various electricity kits and is trying to design a helicopter.  Monkey spent most of the day and part of the night writing long and very detailed wish lists, mainly Lego Ninjago with a few other things thrown in as well.

Today I went out with Monkey to the deli and local shops, and we collected some more leaves on the way back.  We also did the Maths and English activities that I mentioned in my last post.  In the afternoon Rabbit and Tiddler played in the garden, on the swings, blowing bubbles, drawing with chalk, and collecting leaves in buckets.  Owl made a kite from his flying science kit and then he and Monkey tried to fly it, and I then I had a go with Owl as well.  We just about got it flying but obviously need to take it out into a more open space sometime.  Then we all did some painting for an Autumn display, which was very successful, particularly as the children did it separately in between other activities (kite-flying, Reading Eggs and watching Cbeebies mainly) which made it nice and calm.  Tiddler was asleep and I didn’t wake him until everyone else had finished, which worked really well as I could then focus on him completely.  We printed with apples, potatoes, carrots and leaves, and painted some trees and various Autumn-coloured splodges which I’m sure I’ll be able to work into a display somehow.  It was fun anyway!

Not bad for an off day…

… or in fact several off days.  We have all had colds and sore throats for what seems like a month but is probably just over two weeks, and mine got a little worse on Friday, and steadily worse throughout the weekend.  Surburban dad managed to run most of Sunday (between 9.30 and 4.30) without me and I went back to bed and slept for most of that time.  Sadly, that didn’t lead to the full recovery I was hoping for, but I’m sure I’d have felt much worse without the rest.  And now we have a vomiting bug, which kept Rabbit and Tiddler (and us obviously) awake most of the night, with Owl joining in at 4am.  Suburban dad has also come down with it and has come home from a training session early and spent the afternoon in bed.

Despite all this, the children have continued to do most of their normal activities (until today when we have had to cancel everything) and quite a lot of random creative and fun stuff as well.  I have just been cheering myself up by looking at the photos on my phone, and I am encouraged by what we can achieve even when we are ill.

On Friday morning, I took Rabbit and Tiddler to Musicbox, which they both enjoyed and joined in well.  The rest of the day was quiet and productive.  As well as Maths, English, music practice, Bible reading, Mathletics and Spellodrome, the older three made some cards.  Then Owl, Rabbit and Tiddler painted some Thomas the Tank Engine trains from a kit which we had been given a long time ago.


In other news, I had a very therapeutic sort out of the porch so we don’t have to step over about a hundred pairs of shoes (most of which fit nobody) when we come in, and the children helped me to clean it.

On Saturday, suburban dad took Tiddler to Dramabuds, and then we went to a Macmillan coffee morning at our friends’ house.  In the afternoon we sorted out the laundry room which was quite an obstacle course before.  There is now a path to the washing machine which helps a lot (came in handy in the night of vomit.)

On Sunday, suburban dad and Supergirl took all the children to church, and then to the Autumn fair at the local riding centre for the disabled.  We go to this most years and I was sorry to miss it but I really needed the rest.  The children had a good time, and among other things they went in a fire engine, played beat the goalie, acquired a Playmobil helicopter, watched a Punch and Judy show, had a miniature train ride, went into the stables to see the horses and made clay pots.  Monkey didn’t want to make a pot (which might be because I broke the one he made at the Environmental Fair in August – oh the guilt) but Supergirl, Owl and Rabbit did, and even Tiddler had a go with daddy’s help.

Yesterday, we did some Maths, English and music practice in the morning.  Rabbit had fun with Multilink cubes working out one more or one less than a number.


Owl and Monkey had their piano lesson, and after lunch some friends came to play.  Monkey painted his Divali candle holder from Beavers.

We tested our rock collection to see which ones would make marks.  This was quite fun as about half of them were chalk.  And we made volcanoes again!


Supergirl helped the children to wrap their shoeboxes for the Smile appeal at the church where the little ones go to Toddler group and the big ones have Beavers and Cubs (contents to be added later when we have bought the remaining items.)

Today has been quiet after an eventful night last night.  Rabbit has spent the whole day on the play room sofa, watching Cbeebies for about an hour and then watching a Charlie and Lola DVD on an endless loop.  Tiddler has been there most of the day and both of them have slept a bit.  Monkey and I went out to the deli and the shops, as he has been asking for some mummy time, and anyway he was the only one well enough to go out with me.  Owl seemed to be better by the time we came back, and the two of them have been having a big lego sort out this afternoon with help from Supergirl.  I hope they may have reunited the parts of at least some of their many jumbled up sets, but it’s a big job.

They have also done a Maxi Hama Bead set, with a little help from Tiddler, but I will blog that separately.  Rabbit has been doing her knitting most days recently, though she hasn’t been up to it today.  Tiddler really wants to join in, and today he said to me “I need to do knitting.  When am I going to be four?”  I think maybe I need to make pompoms with him tomorrow.  Or weaving perhaps?  Any other simple woolcraft ideas for a two-year old?

Odds and ends

I’ve lost track of the many things I’ve been meaning to blog but haven’t had time recently, and I’m feeling the need of a random post to download stuff from my brain (and camera), so here it is.

Sunday 16th

The children made pizzas for lunch after church.

Afternoon tea and trains in the garden of a church family.

Monday 17th

Quiet day at home.  Children very busy and creative.  Owl did some measuring with water, and then Monkey decided to do some floating and sinking, and Rabbit and Tiddler joined in.


Tuesday 18th

Granny (my mum) here, children had lots of attention, nice peaceful day.  Owl and Monkey had swimming lessons.

Wednesday 19th

Our home ed group’s “Not back to school picnic.”  Perfect weather, happy children, a lovely day.  Monkey went to Beavers in the evening.

Thursday 20th

The arrival of Supergirl (see my last post.)

Friday 21st – Saturday 22nd

Owl, Monkey and I went on a sleepover for Beavers and Cubs, and we had a really good time.  On Friday we went on a night hike and some of us saw bats (unfortunately Owl and Monkey didn’t and were quite disappointed, so I had to play down the fact that I had seen two!)  We also saw rabbits, beetles, spiders, slugs, snails and some very interesting fungi.  On Saturday we went pond dipping and identified trees.



After the sleepover, we visited a market stall outside the local deli.  We bought chutney, olives, spiced sausage and smoked garlic.  In the evening we picked some of our apples.


Sunday 23rd

After church, a very wet walk to pick brambles, and bizarrely some tomatoes which appeared to be growing in the wild.

And in the evening, a visit from a lovely family with their beautiful new baby boy.

Monday 24th

Monkey and Owl had piano lessons, some friends came over later, and in the evening, thanks to Supergirl babysitting, Suburban Dad and I were able to go to choir together for the first time in a long time.

Tuesday 25th

In the morning I took Rabbit and Tiddler to Toddler Group, while the big boys stayed at home with Supergirl.  This afternoon we had lots of fun with Fimo.  This was the first time we have tried it, and we love it.  It deserves a separate blog post I think, so I will try to do that tomorrow.  Have a look here if you want to buy some!  After that, I took Owl and Monkey to their swimming lessons, while Supergirl took Rabbit to Dramabuds with Tiddler in tow.  The crazy schedule is much more manageable with an extra person around, and Supergirl is certainly living up to her nickname.