Baby Boy: some photos

I’m still trying to find a way to unblock the blogging block and I think getting some more photos of baby boy on here will help.  I wish I had managed to blog about the early weeks and months, but life got in the way.  So I’m going to start by publishing this with a few photos and just add to it when I have time.  Apologies for the baby spam – probably only of interest to me but I want them here to look back on!

baby boy 23

baby boy 24

baby boy 25

baby boy 26


Me and My Girl

Yesterday I went out with my girl. We went to the hairdresser’s together and had a lovely time.

me and my girl 1 one

My beautiful girl.

me and my girl 2 two

Afterwards we went shopping. You can never have too many shoes!  And then we had lunch.

me and my girl 3 three

It was the perfect morning.

Sleeping Like a Baby

Dear Baby Boy

You are nearly five and a half months old and you are not sleeping through the night yet – let’s talk about that.  You are now two weeks older than any of your older siblings were when they slept through.  And that’s ok – if there’s one thing I’d like you to learn in life, it’s this.  It’s good to be different.  It’s good to be you.

When you were very new I remember tweeting that you were sleeping like a baby – only when you felt like it, for about twenty minutes at a time and right in the middle of the bed!  And looking back on those first few weeks, I was very happy.  Co-sleeping and breastfeeding made it easy, I loved having time just with you and I didn’t care how tired I was.  I didn’t try to do too much else because I knew those early days go too fast.

But somehow it has crept up on me.  The gaps between feeds are getting a bit longer, I’m not quite as tired, and so I’ve started taking on too much.  And I know it’s not right because I’m losing my joy and I’m feeling dragged down.  So I’m glad, my beautiful boy, that you are still waking me up in the night and reminding me of what’s important.  I love your little squeaks and snuffles and wriggles that are your way of telling me what you want.  I love having you right next to me so that you can latch on without even having to open your eyes and you almost never have to cry – well not in the night, at least.  The day times are when you sometimes have to wait, but the night times are all yours.  I love the warmth of you and the weight of you and your milky smiles and the peace that you bring to me.  And after a feed it’s sometimes hard to take my eyes off you because I love watching you sleep.  Other times I’m already asleep myself before you’ve finished!


I’ve started to make some changes, to make life more manageable, so that you and your brothers and sister can have more of my attention.  I haven’t got it all worked out but I will get there.  So don’t start sleeping through the night baby boy, not just yet.  I need you to keep reminding me to slow down and focus on the things that really matter.

I love you.


Baby Boy

I can’t sleep and I need something positive to think about so I’m going to indulge in looking back at photos of baby boy.  I need to remind myself how lucky I am.

baby boy december one 1

baby boy 11 eleven

baby boy 12 twelve

baby boy 13 thirteen

baby boy 14 fourteen

baby boy 15 fifteen

baby boy 16 sixteen

baby boy 17 seventeen

baby boy 18 eighteen

baby boy 19 nineteen

baby boy 20 twenty

baby boy 21 twenty one

baby boy 22 twenty two

Birthday Interview with the boy who is 5 years old (2015)

I’ve forgotten the birthday interview again, so just squeaking it in at the end of the birthday month!

birthday boy 5

What would you like to be when you grow up?

A train driver

What’s your favourite colour?


What’s your favourite flower? (An extra question he suggested himself!)

The red ones – what are they called?  Poppies!

What’s your favourite book?

A pirate book

What’s your favourite film?


What are your favourite toys?


What is your favourite food?

Fish and chips

What is your favourite thing to wear?


What do you like doing with mummy?


What do you like doing with daddy?

Helping him cook supper

What makes you happy?

Cuddling with my soft toys

Tell me a joke

Why did the doctor go to the doctor’s?  Because he was hurt!


Baby Boy’s first day

This is how tired I am.  I few days ago I felt a great sense of achievement at finally having made photo collages of baby boy’s first 24 hours and I published them here.  Today I look in my drafts and find out I had already done it but not published it some time ago.  So here is an ever so slightly different and yet basically the same set of pictures… sigh.

baby boy first day 1

baby boy first day 2

baby boy first day 3

baby boy first day 4

baby boy first day 5

baby boy first day 6


Baby boy: the first 24 hours

So, this post was going to be entitled Baby Boy: the first three months, but as it’s taken me about a month to organise photo collages of his first day I think I’d better publish it now and hope to do better with the rest another time.  I don’t know how serious baby bloggers do it – I have barely managed to open my laptop in the last four months, but I will try to add some more photo posts over the next few weeks.  I was recently reminded that when I wrote baby boy’s birth story I promised a follow-up post about the rest of our hospital stay.  Too much time has passed now and I can’t think of anything intelligent to say about it, so the pictures will have to do.  Pure self-indulgent baby spam, but I want them here on the blog to look back on.

baby boy 1 one

baby boy 2  two

baby boy 3 three

baby boy 4 four

baby boy 5 five

baby boy six 6

baby boy 7 seven

baby boy 8 eight

baby boy 10 ten

Birthday Interview with the girl who is 7 years old (2015)

It’s been a while since her birthday, but we suddenly realised we hadn’t done it, and it is still her birthday month!

beautiful girl

What would you like to be when you grow up?

An inventor

What’s your favourite colour?


What’s your favourite book?


What’s your favourite film?


What’s your favourite song?

Let it Go

What are your favourite toys?

Frozen toys

What is your favourite food?

Prawn curry, fish and chips, mint choc chip ice cream, chocolate cake and Frozen cupcakes

What is your favourite thing to wear?

Elsa dress, Anna dress, Frozen pyjamas and Frozen T-shirt

What do you like doing with mummy?

Reading, knitting and shopping

What do you like doing with daddy?

Cuddling and talking

What makes you happy?


Tell me a joke

What’s brown and sticky?  A stick

Birthday Interview with the boy who is 9 Years Old (2015)

The title of this post is deliberately missing the blog name of the child who doesn’t like his blog name any more.  Need to rethink the nicknames or else use their real names and I’m not sure which yet.  So for now the birthday boy is He Who Must Not Be Named and he is nine years old today!

nat nine years old

What would you like to be when you grow up?

A Lego designer.

What’s your favourite colour?


What’s your favourite book?

The Beano.

What are your favourite toys?

My Minecraft figures.

What is your favourite food?


What is your favourite thing to wear?

Swimming shorts, but only when I’m in the swimming pool or on the way to it.

What do you like doing with mummy?

Reading Harry Potter.

What do you like doing with daddy?


What makes you happy?


Tell me a joke

What’s made of chocolate and found on the seabed?  An oyster egg.

Chinese New Year Lapbook

If you have been home educating for a while, you have probably heard of lapbooks, which are a quick and easy way to produce a mini topic book.  I’ve been meaning to try it for a long time, and have finally got round to it with a little help from the twinkl website.

chinese lapbook 1

We decided to try the Chinese New Year one first.  We printed off the resource pack from twinkl, which contained lots of pictures and captions along with instructions on how to make the lapbook.

chinese lapbook 2

It’s really simple, and all you need (in addition to basic stationery supplies) is some large sheets of card (A3 or similar) – ours was thick blotting paper because that’s what we had but it was just as good!  The instructions were really clear and the children quickly got the idea, and produced their lapbooks with a minimal amount of help.

chinese lapbook 3

We enjoyed a very relaxing afternoon making the books, and using the internet to find out more about Chinese New Year.  It was a great success and we’ll definitely be heading back to the twinkl website for more lapbooks soon.