Pregnancy Diary: 16 Weeks

I am 16 weeks and one day pregnant.  I was really trying to get back on track and planned to write this post last night, but it was such a busy day.  By the time I took the photos it was late at night, in electric light, and I looked terrible.  So I deleted the photos, and took some more today which I think are slightly better (though rather blurry – I was in a hurry!) , and were at least taken in daylight.

16 weeks

Baby is: the size of an avocado, and can now probably hear. I should mention this to Paul, as he will want to start introducing the baby to a wide selection of classical and choral works as soon as possible.  Not sure I’m ready to unleash that just yet.  I might get Tiddler to sing “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star” to my tummy though!

I am: completely exhausted but generally feeling a bit better than I have been.  That’s about as positive as I can be at quarter to midnight.  Hoping for a good night’s sleep, but it might be difficult in this heat.


Pregnancy Diary: 15 Weeks

I am 15 weeks and one day pregnant today.  I am probably too tired to be coherent, but I’m determined to get this post up tonight!

15 weeks

Baby is: the size of an orange, and can now control his/her own movements.  I’m still feeling them when I remember to pay attention and I’m trying to do that as much as I can, though I’ve been so busy it’s hard to do, but at night I can feel it and it’s nice.

I am: very tired – I know I have said that every week, but it’s still the only thing I can think of to say when people ask me how I am.  Really all I want to do is sleep, and if I ever lie down in the daytime I can fall asleep easily.  Not so much at night, unfortunately.

I have now seen the diabetic nurse, and got my blood testing kit, because I had gestational diabetes in my last pregnancy.  So far my levels have been fine, but the testing is a real nuisance and quite unpleasant.  It’s also quite difficult being organised with snacks when I am out, and I’m feeling a bit more sick again because I’m trying to eat fewer carbs and fruit which are often the things I am craving to deal with the sickness.  It’s a very tricky balance, but I’m going to try really hard to manage the diabetes with my diet as I did last time.  I really don’t want to have to take the medication which may make it less likely that I will be able to have a natural birth.  I know it’s early to be worrying about that but I can’t help it.  I have had lovely natural births with my last two babies, and felt completely normal straight afterwards instead of feeling like I’ve been in a car crash.  I can only hope I will be so lucky again.


Our holiday at Butlins: Part 2

Following on from Owl’s post last week, this is Monkey’s review of our Butlins break.

My holiday at Butlins Bognor Regis

butlins kids 2c

At Butlins we stayed in the Wave Hotel.  In the Wave Hotel there was a Games Port.  In the Games Port, there were 2 PCs, a Wii, a Playstation (with Minecraft on it) and more.  In the hotel room there were bunk beds with TVs on each bunk.

butlins kids 2a

At the swimming pool there were some water slides.  There was the Master Blaster.  There was a fairground with a few rides, swing chairs, dodgems and more.  Before we left we had ice creams.

butlins kids 2b

We were invited to stay on a 4 night break at Butlins Bognor Regis as part of our role as Butlins Ambassadors.  All opinions are our own.

Pregnancy Diary: 14 Weeks

After the change to my due date last week, I’m out of routine and keep forgetting how many weeks and days pregnant I am.  It’s good blogging a pregnancy because it makes me pay attention to it!  After the first baby, the dates and milestones usually blur into one, and I’m trying not to let that happen this time.  Today I am *thinks for a bit* 14 weeks and 3 days, and I am happy to be in the second trimester at last.  The last few months have felt very long.

14 weeks

Baby is: the size of a lemon, and moving around a lot.  I first felt it last Thursday, at 13 weeks and 6 days.  Other than the first pregnancy, when I felt the baby move at a fairly standard 20 weeks or so, I have always been able to feel movements quite early.  It was around 14 weeks with the second and third pregnancies and I think the last one was the same as this one, at just before 14 weeks.  It’s very reassuring and makes it much easier to feel connected to the baby.  At this stage I can only notice the movements when I’m sitting or lying still, so that’s all the more reason to remember to rest now and again.

I am: still very tired.  The sickness and dizziness are lingering on a little but I am much better than I was, and I have a bit more energy now so the house looks quite a lot tidier than it has been for a while.  It’s all relative and there’s a lot more to do, but I feel happier for a bit of therapeutic decluttering – I’ve taken a bag of clothes to a friend today, and there are nine more bags of clothes, toys and books in the back of the car ready to go to the charity shop tomorrow.  The last week or so has been quite difficult, but I’m focussing on the positives and other than that just trying to take it a day at a time.  I’m not sleeping very well, though slightly better than last week which was terrible.  My pregnancy hypnotherapy CD is helping a bit but I did have to listen to it three times last night!  I’m not sure what else I can do.  Any tips for dealing with pregnancy insomnia and exhaustion gratefully received.

Mother's Always Right

Pregnancy Diary: 13 Weeks

I had my dating scan today and my due date is now 2nd January.  I’d worked it out at 7th January, the doctor said the 6th, and one of the midwives said it was about the 9th or 10th, so I really didn’t know what to think.  But I’ll go with the scan prediction as it’s probably the most accurate, though I know due dates are an inexact science.  Anyway, based on that I am now 13 weeks plus 4, so this post is kind of late, though it feels early.

13 weeks

Baby is: the size of a peach.  The scan was lovely.  I was a bit nervous at first, but I relaxed when I heard the heartbeat, and then after a while baby started jumping up and down which was quite reassuring!  The scan equipment was amazing, much better quality than five years ago, and it was, as always, very exciting to see that there really is a baby in there.

12 week scan 112 week scan 2

I am: feeling quite a lot better.  The sickness is mainly in the evenings now, and the dizzy spells are happening less frequently.  And the scan made me happy today :-)

Our holiday at Butlins: Part 1

I have already written here about our break at Butlins Bognor Regis, and so has Paul, so I thought it would be good to give the children a turn.  This is Owl’s review.

My holiday at Butlins

butlins kids 1e

On Monday 9th June we went to Bognor Regis, which is the sunniest place in Britain.  We stayed at a holiday resort called Butlins.  Our accommodation was in the Wave Hotel.

butlins kids 1a

In the Wave Hotel there was a Games Port.  There was also a swimming pool called Splash Water World and we went twice.  Near Bognor Regis is Fishbourne Roman Palace, and they have some good mosaics.

butlins kids 1b

We also went to the beach at Bognor Regis.

butlins kids 1c

On the way home we went to another beach, which is pebbly at high tide but lots of sand is revealed at low tide.

butlins kids 1d

Look out for Monkey’s review coming soon!

We were invited to stay on a 4 night break at Butlins Bognor Regis as part of our role as Butlins Ambassadors.  All opinions are our own.

Why #WeLoveBeebies

If you read my last post you will know that this is a special weekend for Beebies Baby Store.   There’s lots going on to celebrate because they have been nominated as Best Independent Retailer in the Loved By Parents awards.  Voting closes tonight, so there’s still just about time to vote here.  These are my reasons why #welovebeebies.

They are a small independent business and that reason alone makes me want to support them.  Yes I know it’s stating the obvious when they are up for a Best Independent Retailer award, but I wouldn’t like to pass up the opportunity to mention that I’m not a fan of big faceless companies and I will always try to support independent retailers as much as I can.

The company is run by the very lovely Ami who has built the business up from scratch.  I had the pleasure of meeting her at the Baby Tilda Barn Dance, and she was just as nice as I expected from the way she comes across on twitter.  It’s good to know that if ever there were any problems with an order there would be a friendly person at the other end of the phone or an email to sort things out.

The range and quality of the products is excellent.  I’ve been browsing the website, looking at the lovely maternity and baby clothes, and also playing with testing toys at several Lullaby Trust fundraising events.  I am very much looking forward to having an excuse to buy some of them for baby number five.

Another reason we love Beebies is because they work with several charities, including the Lullaby Trust.  Ami has worked tirelessly to help Jennie in her efforts to raise money since her little girl, Matilda Mae, died aged 9 months from SIDS.  It has been wonderful to see the support and encouragement she has given to Jennie, and their fundraising achievements together have been truly remarkable.

And finally, we love Beebies because of the personal touch.  This is shown by the way Ami interacts with her customers on twitter, and the friendly personal service.  We were also lucky enough to be sent a party pack to celebrate with Beebies this weekend – I thought it was a lovely idea, and I particularly liked the handwritten message on the parcel.  It’s so much more fun and rewarding working with, and shopping with, small independent companies.

beebies party

Well done for all your hard work Ami and I really hope you win the award.  You deserve it!

The #WeLoveBeebies Weekend

I am proud to be supporting the very lovely Beebies Baby Store as they launch their #WeLoveBeebies weekend.  Beebies has recently been shortlisted as “Best Independent Retailer” in the Loved By Parents awards, and to celebrate they are planning a weekend-long party!  Come and join in the fun and help get #WeLoveBeebies trending on twitter and facebook.

Here’s what’s happening this weekend:

Friday 27th June

12-3pm The Beebies Baby Awards hosted by @ChelleMccann with lots of prizes on offer

3-5pm Ask the Owner – live Q&A with Beebies owner Ami Holt.

Saturday 28th June

Tell us, on your blog, why Beebies Baby Store will be getting your vote as “Best Independent Retailer” for a chance to win a £100 Beebies voucher!

Tweet your blogpost with the #WeLoveBeebies hashtag before 9pm on Saturday 28th June and the winner will be announced on Sunday 29th June.

Sunday 29th June

10am #WeLoveBeebies competition winner announced

1-3pm Beebies Top Tips – tips from parenting experts with a very special guest or two!

8-9pm Join Beebies for #BabyHour where they will be sharing their favourite Maternity, Baby and Toddler products with some fab special offers!

Please have a browse on their lovely website and join in with the party this weekend.  You can vote for Beebies in the Loved By Parents awards here.


Pregnancy Diary: 12 Weeks

Twelve weeks is a milestone and I’m glad to have reached it.  Not that there’s been a miraculous recovery from early pregnancy symptoms, and some of the time I am still feeling frankly rubbish, but when I stand back I can definitely see an overall improvement.

12 weeks

Baby is: the size of a large plum.  Looking quite human, moving around and practising making sounds.

I am: feeling much less sick in the mornings, though during the afternoon it usually gets worse and the evenings are still difficult.  The dizziness is still the same, and I’ve also been feeling breathless.  My iron levels are low which might explain some of the symptoms, so I’m doing my best to eat lots of iron-rich foods (I’ve developed quite an apricot habit, and today I was told that liquorice is good too so I’m snacking on that as well) and taking Spatone natural iron supplements.  I’m hoping to avoid the dreaded iron tablets because I get ALL the side-effects but we’ll just have to see how it goes.

On a more positive note, I have been trying really hard this week to remember that there is a baby in there causing all this trouble, and allowing myself to feel a little bit excited about that.  I’m still scared of having another miscarriage or finding out bad news at the scan next week, but I’m trying not to think about that too much.  I’ve been listening to a hypnotherapy CD for morning sickness which has helped a bit, though in fact I haven’t been listening to the words that much.  I’ve been finding it helpful as background noise to block out negative thoughts when I’m trying to sleep and it has given me a bit of space to focus on the baby.  Little baby number five, you are going to have to fight your corner for attention in this family, but I will do my best to make sure you get your share.