Dino Supersaurus Activity Books

We love the new Dino Supersaurus colouring and sticker books from Parragon.

dino supersaurus 1

The books are set in New Dino City, where a band of fearless Dino Supersaurs are battling against T-Rex and his fellow baddies.

dino supersaurus 2

All the children were very happy to test the books, and of course the all-important free gifts!

dino supersaurus 3

The little ones loved the stretchy dinosaur and the flick book, which kept them occupied while the big boys read the activity books in more detail.

dino supersaurus 4

The children have had a very happy afternoon colouring, sticking and playing.  At £3.99 each, the books are good value for money.  There’s plenty in them to occupy older children, and they are also appealing to younger ones who can complete the colouring and sticker activities with a little help.

We were sent the books free of charge for the purpose of this review.

Daffodils for Freddie

Dear Merry,

It’s been a while since we have done any organised art and craft together.  The “doodle drawers” are emptied on a daily basis, and as far as the little ones are concerned, “making time” is all the time, but I haven’t had it in me to plan any activities for them recently.  They have, of course, been perfectly happy independently creating and mess-making, but I have missed doing it with them.  It has taken your daffodil boy to give me the motivation to get on with it, and I am thankful for that.  A little bit of art therapy proved to be exactly what I needed.

daffodils 1

And now, our Spring display is up.  It is the first thing I will see every morning when I come downstairs, and when I come in from outside too.  And if I needed a reminder, which I don’t really, it will make me think about Freddie every day.

daffodils 2

Merry, I will never forget your beautiful boy.  Sending you all my love for April and always xxx

Birthday Interview with Rabbit

Rabbit is six and this is her birthday interview – a week late!  (Last year’s interview is here.)

What would you like to be when you grow up?

A roofer or a firefighter or tree surgeon or a mountain climber or an artist or a chef!

What’s your favourite colour?

Gold – it’s actually quite a secret, because everyone else thinks it’s pink.

What’s your favourite book?

Harry and the Bucketful of Dinosaurs

What are your favourite toys?

Little Roo is my favourite now, but if I get any Harry and the Bucketful of Dinosaurs toys they will be my favourites.

What is your favourite food?

Ham and cream cheese sandwiches with crisps, tomatoes and cucumber.

What is your favourite thing to wear?

My pyjamas.

What do you like doing with mummy?

Knitting and cuddling

What do you like doing with daddy?

Cuddling and cooking

What makes you happy?

Cuddling and having computer time and washing up and drying up.

Tell me a joke

What does a frog drink?






The Day After

After two bad days at the beginning of this week, all I wanted from yesterday was to survive it.  Thanks to my lovely friends, it was better than that, but Wednesdays are exhausting and by the end of it I was feeling very low.  It was good having Paul around, but after we had both done only half of my normal crazy Wednesday schedule each we were so tired that the evening was a bit of a write-off.  So my birthday finished with a big cry and a sleepless night, and I’ve been feeling very fragile today.  And now it’s after midnight, and I’ve just about made it through the day but I haven’t managed to relax yet.  I can’t go to bed feeling like this or I won’t sleep at all, so I am going to try and think of some positive things that happened today. I’m too late for #bepbb on twitter (be positive before bedtime) so I will do it here instead.  Paul managed to give all the children a bath and hair wash before he left for work this morning (we were too tired to do it last night!)  Then a very kind friend came and looked after the children while I did some shopping.  It was stressful and my anxiety levels were quite high, but it would have been much worse if I’d had to take the children with me, and I enjoyed a cup of tea and a chat with my friend when I got home.  This afternoon Paul’s aunt and uncle popped in with a birthday present for me – some Palestinian Medjoul dates which I love.  Even on a bad day, there are always things to be thankful for.  And “Tomorrow is always fresh, with no mistakes in it.”  You know where that quotation comes from, right?  Answers on a postcard… (or in the comments!)


This is me

A lovely thing happened on twitter a week or so ago.  A very special blogging friend mentioned that she was going to nominate my blog for the MADs.  I never ever thought that would happen, and it got me thinking.  I’m not sure what category my blog would fit in.  Unless there’s a “most neglected blog” option perhaps!  I have been rather quiet on here recently, though I’ve had plenty I could have been writing about.  I have hundreds of photos of the children doing wonderful, creative things, and I should blog them but I’ve been finding it really hard to do.  I need to get back into a blogging routine, and I’m sure I will, but I think I need to deal with what’s been stopping me first.

This blog has been, from the start, mainly about the children.  I love having it as a record of our family life and our home education, but there has been something missing.  It hasn’t really been about me, and I’ve suddenly realised the significance of that.  My life hasn’t really been about me for a long time, and I think that needs to change.  I have tried to put other people first and keep myself in the background.  I think that’s ok up to a point, but I need to fit myself in somewhere.

So this is me.  In the words of my lovely husband “a bit loopy”, and I can’t say I disagree.  Struggling again with depression and anxiety, which has come and gone over the years but never left me.  Often found on twitter at 2am hanging out with fellow insomniacs.  Some days just getting through the day.  Other days feeling impossibly lucky and loved.  I have a wonderful and endlessly patient husband, four funny and lovely children and some truly amazing friends.

Today is my birthday, and this post is my present to myself.  I’m reclaiming my blog, and I hope normal service will now resume, though it might be a new normal.  I can’t finish this without a mention for the people who have made it possible for me to get to this point.  Paul, thank you for putting up with me.  I’ve no idea how you do it but long may it continue!  Sarah, thank you for picking up the pieces every time I fall apart, and I will try to stop doing that every day so you can have a bit of a break.  You are always there for me and I know how lucky I am.  Merry and Jennie, thank you both for being lovely and helping me more than you know.  And as for the MADs, I’m not kidding myself that I will be there, but Merry thank you for making me love my blog again.

This is me.  And I think I will be ok.