I’m Hannah, a busy and blessed mum of five children, and I started this blog in May 2012.  It began as a record of our home educating life but it is changing and I’m not sure exactly where it is heading – very much like life really.  I am married to Paul who is the big cheese of a small local business, and a very good writer – if only I could get him to write on the blog more often!

Tobias is 11 and just about to start secondary school so our home educating life is going to take a new direction.  He loves reading, is an excellent writer (occasionally on this blog) and he has recently taught himself coding.  He is kind and generous, sensitive and loving and a very helpful big brother.

Nathaniel is 9 and still adamant that he will never go to school, but I’m open-minded because that’s what his big brother said at his age.  He likes reading the Beano and making his own comics.  He is good at making up jokes and playing with words.  He is quiet and thoughtful, and he is becoming increasingly organised and responsible.

Tabitha is 7 and hoping to try school – she is currently on the waiting list of the local junior school.   She is feisty and independent, brave and adventurous and very creative.

Josiah is 5 and has just finished at pre-school which he loved.  He thinks he might go to school when he is really big, but at the moment he wants to stay at home with mummy.  He likes playing with cars, he is cuddly and loving and very funny.

Samuel is 8 months old and is just delightful.  Whatever I write here, I will have to change next week as he is learning so many new skills every day.

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  1. Reha

    Hi there!

    Journalist here from the BBC and would like to speak to you about home ed. (I cant seem to find any contact details on your site so have resorted to leaving a comment)

    If you’re interested in speaking to me, email me! Would love to speak with you.




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