Random round up

I’ve been so far behind that I’ve forgotten a lot of what we have done in the last couple of weeks, but this is some of it.  Some of the photos may be assigned to the wrong days but they are approximately right!

Monday 5th November was a quiet day at home, with music lessons cancelled because of Owl’s tummy bug and Monkey’s cough.  In the evening I attempted to go to choir with Suburban Dad but gave up because my back was really bad, and I couldn’t sit, or even stand still, so I walked home, took some strong painkillers and went to bed.

Tuesday 6th and Wednesday 7th November were mostly spent at home as well, but Monkey went  to London to stay the night with Granny and Grandpa at the flat.  He went to the Museum of Childhood and the Lego shop with Granny.

Somebody (might have been Rabbit with help from Supergirl?) wrote some lovely numbers on a blackboard, Monkey drew a shape man on the easel blackboard and he and Rabbit produced lots and lots of sticker pictures.

Thursday 8th November started off quite peacefully but ended up being rather an eventful day.  Supergirl took Rabbit to her swimming lesson by train while the boys and I had a productive time at home.  Owl made a Bronze Age lunula, brooch and shield.

The afternoon ended with a trip to A&E, because Monkey fell and knocked out his two front teeth.  I thought they were baby teeth, but I just couldn’t be certain.  He does have some adult teeth, and I couldn’t remember which ones, so it was a big relief when the doctor reassured us they were baby teeth.  He was very brave and stoical, even though he missed the fireworks at the Scout group bonfire night.  He and Suburban dad arrived at the end, just in time for a hot dog, and to meet with Owl, Supergirl and some friends of ours.

Friday 9th November started early with violin lessons, and the rest of the morning was spent at home with the children being quite busy and productive.  A friend came to visit us and then came back later to look after the other children while I took Monkey to the dentist for an x-ray.  At the end of the afternoon I took all of the children to the doctor’s because Monkey and Tiddler’s coughs were quite bad, but their chests were clear which was reassuring.  Over a week later they still have the coughs though.

Saturday 10th – Sunday 11th November was a fairly quiet weekend.  I’m not sure what happened when but I think these photos might have been from the Saturday (or maybe not!)  Monkey spent a long time drawing alphabet pictures on the easel, Owl played with a Lego Education set and Rabbit and I made a Bendaroos mermaid.  On Sunday we went to church and in the evening some friends came round and we had more fireworks and a bonfire which the children had helped to build.

Monday 12th November started with some Maths work on shape and symmetry, which led to a long session of all the children playing with the wooden blocks, shape sorter and clock, and doing some symmetrical paintings.  For some reason I didn’t photograph the paintings, and now I don’t know where they are, but I do have a random picture of one of Monkey’s wooden block creations.

I took Owl and Monkey to their piano lessons, and then in the afternoon we had our LEA visit, during which the children made some more Hama bead creations.

In the evening, Owl went to Strings group and then Suburban dad and I went to choir.

Tuesday 13th November started with a rush to get the children smartly dressed for photographs at the Toddler group.  After they were done, Owl and Monkey went home with Supergirl while I stayed with the little ones for the rest of the session.  While we were there, Rabbit started to feel unwell, and later that day she was sick several times.  Owl and Monkey went to their swimming lessons by train with Supergirl, and then in the evening Monkey and Tiddler made a Christmas cake with daddy while I went to Pilates.

Wednesday 14th November was a beautiful sunny day, and Supergirl looked after Rabbit while I took the boys to the park with our Home Education group.  They had a great time playing with their friends in the playground and feeding the ducks.  In the evening, Monkey went to Beavers, and then I went to my Rosemary Conley exercise class.

Thursday 15th November was another day which started off with a Maths lesson that took most of the morning.  Monkey did some addition practice, then got the blocks out again and made a crab.  Owl did some work about Carroll diagrams, and we made one using some stars, then took them off so that Monkey could have a go.  Tiddler did some drawings and told me what each one was.  He started with a hot air balloon with a basket, and then there was another hot air balloon, a boat and a trailer, and a LOT of “horseys”.  Monkey made lots of interesting 3D shapes using Magnext.

In the afternoon, Rabbit stayed at home with Supergirl again, while I took the boys to another Home Ed group.  In the evening, Owl went to cubs, and I went to a knitting group meeting in the pub.  It was a little daunting, as my knitting skills are rather basic, but it was interesting to meet some new people, and I really enjoyed catching up with my lovely friend who blogs here – it was nice to talk to her in person for a change instead of online.

Friday 16th November was quiet and peaceful in the morning, and the children did a lot of Maths and English.  After lunch we went one stop on the train – oh the excitement – to the bookshop, to buy Monkey a joined-up handwriting workbook which he has been wanting for a while.  On the way there, I remembered that we had a dentist appointment later in the afternoon, so it was a rather short outing as we didn’t have time to go to any other shops, but the children enjoyed it anyway.  In the evening we went to our local Italian restaurant for supper, and ordered far too much pizza, most of which we took home with us.

Today (Saturday 17th November) Tiddler went to Dramabuds with daddy, Owl made a rubber-band powered aeroplane, and Monkey and Rabbit sorted through their trays of half-finished work and pictures.  Rabbit did some of her Nativity colouring book, and Monkey found a story he had started writing over a year ago and finished it.  It is about a pig who wants to know what Lego is like so he goes to Legoland.  I love it and would like to post it on here, but I need to ask him if he wants me to or not, and he is asleep now.  Anyway, if he wants to, it probably deserves a separate post!  At lunchtime we went to Granny’s church fair, and then Owl went to his choir practice.  In the afternoon all the boys had haircuts and we did some shopping, and then came home for supper, which was the pizza from yesterday – more than enough for another meal.

Okay, finally up to date, so I can go to bed now…

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