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Bonfire Night Celebrations

Yes, I know it’s been a while since Bonfire Night, but Owl took the photos of the fireworks and I promised they would feature in a blog post, so here it is!


We had our bonfire on Sunday 3rd November, and we invited some friends and Paul’s mum over as we do every year.  We started with the fireworks, and as I’m not a fan I let Owl have my phone to take photos while I stayed in the kitchen cooking the supper!

fireworks two

After the fireworks, we had supper – baked potatoes and sausage casserole, followed by stewed apple and custard – with some of us sitting outside by the bonfire and some of us inside.

bonfire night

We finished the evening indoors watching the Strictly results show, and eating toasted marshmallows.

treacle toffee

On Tuesday 5th, the children were a little disappointed that they couldn’t have another bonfire, but Owl and I made treacle toffee and our friends came round again.

sparklers one 1

We had sparklers in the garden, which made up for the lack of bonfire.

sparklers two 2

On Thursday night, the big boys also went with daddy to their Beavers and Cubs bonfire night and had a brilliant time.

I’m linking up with Coombe Mill’s Country Kids – a little late this week – though my Bonfire Night post is not quite as impressive as Fiona’s – you should go and take a look 🙂

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Half term and Halloween, Fireworks and Toffee

I’m still rather behind on blogging but before I forget everything, here is at least some of what we did in half term week…  I spent most of the week trying to catch up on washing and housework after our weekend away in France, and I wasn’t feeling full of energy to do lots of creative things with the kids.  Luckily Dramabuds came to the rescue.  The big three went on a drama camp for three mornings (Tuesday to Thursday) finishing with a brilliant Halloween performance.  Owl was a wizard, Monkey a ghost and Rabbit a bat, and they all had a fantastic time.  On the Tuesday afternoon there were also two Dramabuds parties, one for the little ones which Tiddler and I went to, and one for the older children afterwards.

On Tuesday evening, Suburban dad carved a pumpkin lantern, and on Wednesday Rabbit and I made pumpkin soup.  We lit the lantern when it got dark and we decided that it would look even better with Monkey’s Diwali candle beside it.

On Wednesday afternoon, the little two went to Home ed group without me, at their friends’ house.  They had fun doing Halloween activities, and enjoyed having their own outing without the older ones.  While they were out, I did the flour cake game with the big two, and they played with the flour for a long time afterwards (the handprint is Owl’s.)

In the evening, we all played the apple game (standing on a chair and dropping a fork into a bowl of apples – like ducking for apples but easier!) and then the big two went to the rainbow party at church, and little two had a “party” at home.  This was Rabbit’s idea, and I didn’t mind, as all she wanted was to choose her own supper (fishfingers followed by maltesers and pineapple pieces!) and then play musical statues with Tiddler.  Best party I’ve been to for a while.

I can’t remember what else we did that week, but I know it involved a lot of Lego.  Among other things, Rabbit made a Duplo model and Monkey and Owl made Lego vowels.


We had a quiet weekend at home, as Owl and Tiddler had a tummy bug.  We had planned to have a bonfire on the Sunday evening, but we had to postpone it as the boys weren’t well, and also it was a rather wet day for building a fire.  We did have fireworks and sparklers though, and Suburban Dad and Supergirl made bonfire toffee and toffee apples.