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Friday round up 30th November 2012

On Saturday morning, Tiddler went to Dramabuds with daddy, and the big three played while I did some housework.  In the afternoon, there were two birthday parties, a real one and a pretend one, and some Maxi Hama beading.  On Sunday, Owl and Tiddler went to church with daddy, while Rabbit and I tidied and hoovered – I’m not sure what Monkey was up to, but he was quiet.  In the afternoon, we did more housework (it seems to expand to fill the weekend), and after tidying their bedrooms the children had some computer time.  We had supper at Granny’s house, and then the big three made the Christmas pudding with daddy, while I tried to get Tiddler settled to go to sleep.

On Monday, we did some Maths in the morning, starting with some workbooks (Owl – adding hundreds, Monkey – 3x table and area, Rabbit – counting and writing numbers) and finishing by playing Yahtzee.  Then we did a little bit of English (Owl and Monkey – spelling, Rabbit – writing practice), and then some work on the computer – the addition trainer on Maths is Fun, and Reading Eggs.  After a bit of playtime, Owl did some Science work on fossils, and Monkey started a bar chart about how many hours sleep he has this week (from his Science book).  In the afternoon, I went Christmas shopping while Supergirl looked after the children.  They played, had some more time on the computer and watched a Lego DVD they borrowed from their friends.

On Tuesday, the boys and I went to the Greenwich Observatory, while Rabbit stayed at home with Supergirl and went to her Dramabuds lesson in the afternoon.  On Wednesday, we did some Maths in the morning, starting with workbooks (Owl – adding 9 and 99, and Monkey – 3x table and something else I can’t remember) and ending up with the Maths is Fun website.  Owl discovered the chess game on there and spent a long time playing it.  He also wrote his blog post about his sleepover.  In the afternoon we went by bus to our friends’ house for Home Ed group.  On Thursday, I took Tiddler for his swimming lesson, and then later Supergirl took Rabbit for hers.  The boys spent part of the morning with our friend who is a childminder, and as always they had a lovely time with her.  In the afternoon, the little two went shopping with Granny and then went to her house to make cakes, while I took the big to another Home Ed group.  It was nice to see our friends there, but Monkey wasn’t feeling well and spent most of the time sitting on his own or on my knee.  In the evening, Owl went to cubs.

This morning, Supergirl took Rabbit and Tiddler to Musicbox while I had a quiet morning with the big boys.  Today it was my turn to be ill (well this is nothing new, but I felt quite a lot worse today) so we spent part of the time in my bed doing puzzle books, and then Monkey disappeared off to do some Very Secret Making.  When the little ones got back, they had a good time playing with Supergirl, and made a tree house out of chairs, cushions and blankets.  At least I have been informed it is a tree house.  I’m not sure that’s how it started out, but that’s what it is now.  The boys did some Science, and some music practice, and apart from that they spent the rest of the day playing and watching television, as I wasn’t feeling well enough to initiate anything else.  If the scene of devastation in the play room is anything to go by, they had a very good time!

Friday round up 23rd November 2012

I’ve had a week of sleepless nights and it’s very late now so I might have forgotten some things, but this is what we’ve been up to this week.  On Saturday I had a particularly bad night (it was getting light before I even fell asleep) so on Sunday morning I had a lie in, while Suburban dad took all all the children to church.  I was very grateful and I made the most of it.  I slept from around half past nine until ten to midday.  It was a bit like being a student again.  Granny (Suburban dad’s mum) came round for lunch and we had roast pheasant which was delicious (and cheap, which was why we had it.)  The afternoon was mostly spent on  housework, while the children played and had stories with Granny.  We had another go at learning to use our new sewing machine, and managed to make two lavender bags.

On Monday the children did Maths and English (the big three), piano lessons and Bible reading, piano and violin practice (Owl and Monkey), made a car out of chairs (the little three with Supergirl) and helped to cook pasta with pesto (Owl).  On Tuesday Owl and Monkey went shopping with Granny while Supergirl and I took the little ones to Toddler group.  In the afternoon the children did Maths, English and music practice and lots of reading.

On Wednesday, Owl spent a lot of time engrossed in a Horrible Geography book about weather, as well as doing some Maths and English with Monkey and Rabbit.  Granny (my mum) came for lunch and took Owl to London overnight.  He enjoyed staying at the flat with Granny and Grandpa, visiting the Museum of Childhood and the Transport Museum and especially going to the Lego shop!  He also did some very good writing while he was there and I think he is planning to finish it and put it on here (if we get round to it.)  The rest of us went to Home Ed group on Wednesday afternoon, where the little ones and I enjoyed meeting some new friends, playing/ chatting and doing some lovely craft activities (making pictures out of lentils and seeds on sackcloth, and salt dough candle holders.)  Monkey didn’t join in much as he was feeling ill again, and just wanted to go home.  He wasn’t up to going to Beavers so we had a nice quiet table time before bed with all the little three doing sticker/ colouring/ activity books together.

On Thursday, Rabbit went to our childminder’s house – she is a friend from church and going there is an occasional treat for the children, and they are always asking when they can go.  Rabbit had a lovely time there as always, then went to her swimming lesson with Supergirl.  Monkey did lots of drawing in his “oodles of doodles” book and Tiddler did some of his Diggers and Christmas sticker books.  Rabbit did magic painting, a 3rd and bird sticker book, and her “nursery activity book” which she chose at the bookshop last week and has been working on a lot since then.   Monkey did some of his Beavers Christmas worksheet.  Owl and Granny came back from London, and Owl did some Science research about rocks, while the little three played with the Lego Duplo railway.

Today, Owl went to his violin lesson, but Monkey stayed at home because he was not well.  The little three made a den in the playroom with Supergirl, then Owl, Monkey and Rabbit did some Maths and English.  We then had a doctor’s appointment for the three younger ones which took up the rest of the morning.  In the afternoon, while the little three were playing, Owl and I got into my bed and read the section about fossils in his Science book.  He then spent the rest of the afternoon digging fossils out of plaster of paris (a kit which I’d forgotten he had from the Natural History Museum.)  The week has had its ups and downs, but I thought it had ended quite well, with a good home cooked supper, daddy home in time to eat with us, computer time, bedtime stories and the children settled easily, if late.  However, a very short time later Rabbit was sick in her bed and has been in our bed since.  She is still coughing a lot and it looks like it will be another disturbed night.

(This bit is for my records!  Maths: pictograms, bar charts, frequency graphs, adding tens (Owl); addition, comparing lengths, shapes, 3x table, money (Monkey); dot-to-dots and colour by numbers, counting and writing numbers, shapes (Rabbit)

English: reading comprehension, writing a recipe, commas in lists, contractions and spelling, report about his visit to London (Owl); writing about Lego for the Beavers Hobby badge, joined up writing, anagrams and spelling, (Monkey); mazes, writing practice, and the Gruffalo activity book (Rabbit); Reading Eggs (all, I think, though I’m not sure – definitely Rabbit)

Science: rocks and fossils)

Friday round up – 19th October 2012

Another week has flown by.  Last Saturday, Tiddler went to Dramabuds, Owl went to football and the other two had a quiet morning at home.  I think they have all given up on ballet, for the moment at least, which is a bit sad but makes Saturday mornings easier.  In the afternoon all the boys had haircuts, and we did a bit of shopping.  On Sunday after church, the little ones went swimming with daddy, and the big ones stayed at home with me.  They hadn’t tidied their bedrooms despite being given ridiculous amounts of time to do it, so they weren’t allowed to go swimming.  Instead we spent the afternoon trying to sort out their enormous jumbled up Lego collection a bit, and we made some progress.  I think we’d probably need about a week with no interruptions to finish the job though.

Monday started off badly, with lots of small things going wrong, then it got better as the boys had their piano lessons, enjoyed themselves and had made lots of progress.  The day got dramatically worse with the scooter incident (in another post), and the rain which made us abandon the park as soon as we arrived.  However our friends came home with us, and the children had a lovely time, so it ended well.

From Tuesday to Thursday we were at my mum’s house, which was very restful.   On the first day Rabbit was ill again, but she recovered quite quickly.  The children played with Lego, cars, puzzles and games, decorated some teddy cutouts, drew pictures, listened to stories and made biscuits.  They also did a fair bit of Maths (time, times tables, doubling), English (handwriting, alphabetical order and using a dictionary, reading, a mind map for an Autumn poem) and Science (space, rocks and volcanoes).  Owl did a bit of History (the Bronze Age)  and some Latin.  We fitted in violin practice, Reading Eggs, Conquer Maths, Mathletics, Spellodrome and BBC Bitesize Science.  We had two trips to the swings at the village green, and they played in the garden.  They collected leaves and conkers, played Stuck in the mud, Grandmother’s footsteps, Hide and seek and What’s the time Mr Wolf?  On one of the trips to the green, a friend (an eight year old boy) came with us, and the children had a good time playing with him.


Today we came home, and I took Rabbit and Tiddler to Musicbox.  The big three did Reading Eggs and Mathletics, Maths, English, History and Geography, and studied the Lego Christmas catalogue in great detail.  We spent the afternoon peacefully Hama beading, while chatting to our MP who kindly came to visit us after he had to cancel an arrangement to meet with us on the day we went to Parliament for the Select Committee hearing.  Some excuse about having been made deputy leader of the House of Commons the day before, I believe.  This evening we went for supper at our local restaurant, which is very good, and properly child-friendly in an Italian way.  It was a very good end to the week.

Friday round up – 20th July 2012

Random things I can remember about what we have been learning this week….


All – learning about stag beetles, beeswax and honey, seeds and vegetables at the Ecology Centre garden party

Owl, Monkey and Rabbit – experiment about genetic difference in taste buds

Owl – learning about bumble bees and honey bees


Owl – writing a blog post; words with silent letters; reading comprehension

Monkey – superhero alliteration; handwriting; writing list of food in cafe role play game

Rabbit and Tiddler – Dramabuds

Rabbit – Reading Eggs

Owl and Monkey – writing Lego pick-a-brick wishlists

All – lots of stories


Owl and Monkey – number patterns (1+2+3+4+5+6)

Rabbit – addition; Mathletics

Monkey – measuring length; telling the time (analogue and digital); Conquer Maths

Owl – reading and marking scales; estimating and measuring mass and capacity; Conquer Maths


Owl – reading about the Bronze Age (Mesopotamia, the Sumerians)


Owl and Monkey (and me!) – our first Chinese lesson


Owl and Monkey – piano lessons and practice

Owl – violin lesson and practice

Tiddler – Musicbox


Rabbit – visit to the National Gallery

Fresh air and exercise

All – outdoor play and activities at Ecology Centre Garden Party; playing in our garden, on bouncy castle, with visiting children at Suburban dad’s work barbecue; our Home Education Group Sports Day; playing outside at another Home Education Group

Owl and Monkey – Beavers Sports Day

I know there is more than this but I’m too tired and I can’t remember…

Friday round up – 13th July 2012

Some of the things we have been learning this week.


  • Owl – rounding to the nearest 10 and nearest 100; estimating and measuring length and mass
  • Monkey – 2D  and 3D shapes; symmetry; comparing and measuring length and mass; Mathletics
  • Rabbit – counting and writing numbers to 20
  • Tiddler – drawing circles and triangles; counting
  • All – using the balance scales with an assortment of hexagram weights, multilink cubes and other objects


  • Owl – punctuation of speech; imperatives; spelling words with silent letters
  • Monkey – handwriting; rhyming phrase poem; acrostic poem; writing the names of Lego Minifigures
  • Rabbit – mazes; captions
  • All – reading and listening to stories


  • Owl – vertebrates and invertebrates
  • Monkey – BBC Bitesize Science
  • All – pond dipping and looking at some of the creatures using a video microscope


  • Owl and Monkey – piano practice and lessons
  • Owl – violin practice and lesson
  • Tiddler – Musicbox

Art and craft

  • Rabbit – maxi Hama bead butterfly; making cards for Pre-school teachers
  • Monkey – making snowflakes
  • All – clay modelling


Owl and Monkey – discussion about which continent has the most countries (Owl said it was Africa with 52 countries, which is more or less right – I checked and found two different sites, one saying it has 53 countries and the other saying 54!)  We also looked in our Children’s Encyclopedia to find out more about the continents.

Fresh air and exercise

  • Rabbit – Pre-school sports day
  • All – playing in the garden with Home ed group friends; lots of walking and playing outside on the pond dipping outing


  • Owl – Lego plans for museum
  • Monkey – designing a family coat of arms; making dens
  • Rabbit – playing tea parties
  • Owl and Monkey – making posters about healthy eating and exercise at Beavers
  • Monkey, Rabbit and Tiddler – the messy flour game

Friday round up – 6th July 2012

One of the reasons I wanted to write this blog was so that I would have a record of the children’s learning but I am aware that it has been very patchy, so I am going to try doing a round up of the week, maybe every Friday if I remember, though I probably won’t.  I know this won’t be of interest to everyone so feel free not to read it!


  • Owl, Monkey and Rabbit made pictograms and bar charts based on the Smartie tally charts we did last week.  Rabbit particularly liked this, and concentrated on it for a very long time.
  • All four had great fun playing with our new Lego Duplo Educational set – number tiles, operation symbols and blank tiles on which we stuck dot stickers to match with numbers.
  • Owl has done fractions (equivalent fractions, lowest terms, fractions of a number) and some work on reading scales (which he enjoyed – he likes things which have to be very accurate!)
  • Monkey has done more work on bar charts; addition including number bonds to ten; simple measurement (comparing length and thickness of objects); telling the time;  Mathletics (working on left and right, and more pictograms.)
  • Rabbit has been asking lots of questions about addition, “Does one and one make two?” and similar – so far she has been right every time.
  • Tiddler has done lots of counting to ten, mainly because he loves playing hide and seek.  It doesn’t even have to be a real game – he is quite happy just covering his face, counting to ten, taking his hands away from his face and shouting “Found you!”  He can’t quite get all the way to ten without help, but he’s getting there.  (His completely independent counting today was something like 3, 2, 3, 2, 3, 9, 10!)


  • All four  read/ listened to instructions about how to make a treasure map and made their own maps
  • Owl has done reading comprehension, spelling, and writing about treasure he would like to find in his garden (he really enjoyed the writing!)
  • Monkey has done handwriting practice; read aloud and then drawn pictures while listening to a story; written his own instructions for making a treasure map; written and performed some very funny poems (all his own idea, he has just been making them up all the time at the moment) and has done Reading Eggs
  • Rabbit has been working on rhyming words (she is getting very good at this) and has done Reading Eggs
  • All four have done lots of reading/ listening to stories


  • All four have done bug hunting, and they have been observing/ drawing our butterflies
  • Monkey, Rabbit and Tiddler have been pond dipping, found lots of interesting minibeasts and released our butterflies at the Ecology centre (blog post to follow)
  • Owl has been reading about invertebrates; similarities and differences between insects and spiders; honey bees and bumble bees
  • Owl, Monkey and Rabbit  have looked at pictures and read about insects and spiders, then drawn them; they have also played Top Trumps Bugs!
  • Owl and Monkey have investigated our new Lego Educational gears set
  • Rabbit made scones with Granny


  • Owl has been reading about the Bronze Age and has drawn a map of Mesopotamia; we have also played Brainbox British History
  • All four have read and listened to books about castles (brought back from a conference by daddy) – this is another topic that is in the queue of things we all want to learn about.


  • Owl has been reading about animal habitats and learning about Arctic animals (started with the Usborne Animal Sticker Atlas and led to an interesting discussion with Grandpa!)


  • Owl visited the National Gallery with Granny, drew and wrote about his favourite picture, discussed pontillism and Seurat, and did some drawing with pastels (he is planning to blog this)
  • Owl, Monkey and Rabbit looked at the National Gallery website with Granny and discussed the pictures which Owl had seen on his visit
  • Monkey has been doing lots of drawing (as usual!)
  • Tiddler has been drawing a lot too, naming what he is drawing (though it is mainly not yet recognisable) and working very hard on drawing circles (which are recognisable)


  • Owl sang in his Choir concert
  • Owl and Monkey had piano lessons


  • Owl has learnt some more vocabulary with Grandpa, and drew a funny picture to help him remember the meaning of lex, legis (the law has legs!); he has written some more flashcards and tested himself, me and Granny


  • Monkey read some of the eeBoo flashcards (names of animals)
  • All four have listened to a CD of songs and rhymes in English and French

Fresh air and exercise (that’s what it’s called in my “curriculum”)

  • Monkey, Rabbit and Tiddler did lots of walking, running, playing, fishing and hunting minibeasts on our visit to Ecology Centre (and Tiddler took a dip in the pond, but that’s another story…)
  • All four have done lots of playing in our garden and Granny’s – writing and drawing with chalk, making a pretend camp fire, playing with mud and water, bows and arrows; and also playing on the village green – walking, running, hide and seek, swings and roundabout, splashing in puddles

Other learning (too hard to categorise!)

  • Owl wants to know about gold prices, and other expensive metals and their relative prices – we have done some research, but more is needed to satisfy him I think.
  • All four have done lots of complex building with Lego (little Lego and Duplo)
  • The big three have been watching some of the tennis with Granny, and discussing the relative merits of Wimbledon and Euro 2012 and which is harder to win; there has also been a lot of discussion about the Olympics prompted by the exciting arrival of the Lego Minifigure Olympic series.
  • Rabbit has been enjoying her summer sticker book (though it feels as if we are still waiting for summer!)

I think that’s enough, and it’s getting a bit random so I’ll stop there, though I’m sure I could think of plenty more things.  I always find it hard to know exactly what to record, as I don’t think there is a clear distinction between “educational things” and the rest of life.  If you are still reading this, thank you, but are you sure you haven’t got something more important to do?