Friday round up – 20th July 2012

Random things I can remember about what we have been learning this week….


All – learning about stag beetles, beeswax and honey, seeds and vegetables at the Ecology Centre garden party

Owl, Monkey and Rabbit – experiment about genetic difference in taste buds

Owl – learning about bumble bees and honey bees


Owl – writing a blog post; words with silent letters; reading comprehension

Monkey – superhero alliteration; handwriting; writing list of food in cafe role play game

Rabbit and Tiddler – Dramabuds

Rabbit – Reading Eggs

Owl and Monkey – writing Lego pick-a-brick wishlists

All – lots of stories


Owl and Monkey – number patterns (1+2+3+4+5+6)

Rabbit – addition; Mathletics

Monkey – measuring length; telling the time (analogue and digital); Conquer Maths

Owl – reading and marking scales; estimating and measuring mass and capacity; Conquer Maths


Owl – reading about the Bronze Age (Mesopotamia, the Sumerians)


Owl and Monkey (and me!) – our first Chinese lesson


Owl and Monkey – piano lessons and practice

Owl – violin lesson and practice

Tiddler – Musicbox


Rabbit – visit to the National Gallery

Fresh air and exercise

All – outdoor play and activities at Ecology Centre Garden Party; playing in our garden, on bouncy castle, with visiting children at Suburban dad’s work barbecue; our Home Education Group Sports Day; playing outside at another Home Education Group

Owl and Monkey – Beavers Sports Day

I know there is more than this but I’m too tired and I can’t remember…

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