Friday round up 30th November 2012

On Saturday morning, Tiddler went to Dramabuds with daddy, and the big three played while I did some housework.  In the afternoon, there were two birthday parties, a real one and a pretend one, and some Maxi Hama beading.  On Sunday, Owl and Tiddler went to church with daddy, while Rabbit and I tidied and hoovered – I’m not sure what Monkey was up to, but he was quiet.  In the afternoon, we did more housework (it seems to expand to fill the weekend), and after tidying their bedrooms the children had some computer time.  We had supper at Granny’s house, and then the big three made the Christmas pudding with daddy, while I tried to get Tiddler settled to go to sleep.

On Monday, we did some Maths in the morning, starting with some workbooks (Owl – adding hundreds, Monkey – 3x table and area, Rabbit – counting and writing numbers) and finishing by playing Yahtzee.  Then we did a little bit of English (Owl and Monkey – spelling, Rabbit – writing practice), and then some work on the computer – the addition trainer on Maths is Fun, and Reading Eggs.  After a bit of playtime, Owl did some Science work on fossils, and Monkey started a bar chart about how many hours sleep he has this week (from his Science book).  In the afternoon, I went Christmas shopping while Supergirl looked after the children.  They played, had some more time on the computer and watched a Lego DVD they borrowed from their friends.

On Tuesday, the boys and I went to the Greenwich Observatory, while Rabbit stayed at home with Supergirl and went to her Dramabuds lesson in the afternoon.  On Wednesday, we did some Maths in the morning, starting with workbooks (Owl – adding 9 and 99, and Monkey – 3x table and something else I can’t remember) and ending up with the Maths is Fun website.  Owl discovered the chess game on there and spent a long time playing it.  He also wrote his blog post about his sleepover.  In the afternoon we went by bus to our friends’ house for Home Ed group.  On Thursday, I took Tiddler for his swimming lesson, and then later Supergirl took Rabbit for hers.  The boys spent part of the morning with our friend who is a childminder, and as always they had a lovely time with her.  In the afternoon, the little two went shopping with Granny and then went to her house to make cakes, while I took the big to another Home Ed group.  It was nice to see our friends there, but Monkey wasn’t feeling well and spent most of the time sitting on his own or on my knee.  In the evening, Owl went to cubs.

This morning, Supergirl took Rabbit and Tiddler to Musicbox while I had a quiet morning with the big boys.  Today it was my turn to be ill (well this is nothing new, but I felt quite a lot worse today) so we spent part of the time in my bed doing puzzle books, and then Monkey disappeared off to do some Very Secret Making.  When the little ones got back, they had a good time playing with Supergirl, and made a tree house out of chairs, cushions and blankets.  At least I have been informed it is a tree house.  I’m not sure that’s how it started out, but that’s what it is now.  The boys did some Science, and some music practice, and apart from that they spent the rest of the day playing and watching television, as I wasn’t feeling well enough to initiate anything else.  If the scene of devastation in the play room is anything to go by, they had a very good time!

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