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The little things

We took all the children to get their hair cut today, then went shopping for birthday presents for two of their friends.  We were home in time for lunch, and then an afternoon of housework, pottering around and playing.  Just an ordinary day, but it was good.  A little more sorting and decluttering, a couple more bags to the charity shop, a bit of a catch up on laundry.  We didn’t really achieve as much as we hoped, but it was enough to feel we were making progress.  I think the reason it was a good day was to do with the little things that could be easily overlooked.  In fact I’m sure I have overlooked some, but these are the ones that come to mind.

Playing with Wow Toys with Tiddler, which was good until I stepped over them and knocked some over (Don’t knock a toys over mummy, you a silly boy!)

Doing puzzles with Monkey, Rabbit and Tiddler

Knitting a scarf with Rabbit

Blowing bubbles in the garden with Rabbit and Tiddler, and pushing them both on the swings

Sorting laundry with Rabbit and teaching her how to fold socks together in pairs because she really wanted to know how (I will just practise lots of times mummy and then I will be able to do it.)

Chatting to Owl about how he could raise money for charity.  (I could walk up a mountain and down again.  Well, yes, I hope you would come down…)

Playing “Tummy Ache” with Monkey, Rabbit and Tiddler, and then again with Owl and Rabbit

Writing that list makes me realise why I didn’t get more housework done today.  Why I never get as much done as I imagine I will.  And I think I’m fine with that!