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Rabbit’s rainy sports day

Yesterday it was Rabbit’s last day at her Montessori Pre-school.  She was looking forward to it as it was sports day, and we were looking forward to watching her.  We saw her in the relay race and the egg and spoon race before the rain became too heavy and we had to come inside.  It was a shame they couldn’t do the rest but what we did see was very sweet, and the children seemed happy enough.  The presentation of the medals and the leavers’ certificates took place indoors, and then we said our goodbyes.  If felt very strange leaving after four years of involvement there, and it was quite emotional, especially saying goodbye to Rabbit’s key worker (who was Monkey’s as well) as she is so lovely.  However we are looking forward to this new chapter – with no school run of any kind – and Rabbit is very excited about being home educated.

The rest of the day was busy as Wednesdays always are.  We had lunch with friends in the cafe at the church where the Pre-school takes place, and then went back to our house for Home education group.  The rain stopped and the children spent about an hour an a half in the garden playing, and also making models with clay.  This was loosely based on the Olympics, and inspired by Greek pots with pictures of athletes on them, but mostly the children just had fun making random things with clay.  The rain started again so we came inside and the children played for a while until one family had to leave.  Then the rest of the children had an early supper before Owl and Monkey went to Beavers.  It wasn’t quite Owl’s last one, as they are having a picnic in the park next week, but it was his last normal Beavers meeting.  It has been nice for the boys to go together for a term and a half, but now Owl is going up to Cubs in September.  Another growing up milestone which I can’t quite get my head around…

A busy day was followed by a busy evening, as we had arranged for some friends to babysit so that we could go to Ikea to try to make a final decision on our new kitchen.  Except we didn’t, quite, so our friends have kindly offered to babysit again on Friday.  We have been told that if we order on Friday evening, it will be delivered on Saturday, which is good as Suburban dad and his colleagues (and Owl) are ripping out the old one on Sunday, and the work is due to start on Monday.  Somehow that quiet day/ week/ month I’m always looking for never seems to come!

Light at the end of the tunnel

Another couple of weeks have flown by, and I haven’t had a moment to stop and reflect on anything.  We have been having a lot of fun but life has been very complicated, and I can only sustain this pace for a while before the cracks begin to show.  June has been an incredibly busy month, even more so than usual.  I’m glad to have arrived at the beginning of July which means the end is in sight, though for the next week or two there’s still quite a bit going on.

On the Saturday before last, we had our church summer fair which was great fun, and as usual we came away with a lot of “bargains”, in particular some very good children’s books.  The best finds were Katie and the Dinosaurs (about the Natural History Museum) and a really interesting book about chess which Owl is very into at the moment.  It must be time for another clear out of our enormous book collection though, or there soon won’t be room to move in this house.

On the Sunday I went on a Beavers trip with Owl and Monkey to a fun day at a Scout activity centre.  There were so many activities to choose from, including archery, zip wire, climbing “spider mountain”, go-karts, simulators, Meccano building and circus skills.  It was a long day and quite hard work but a lot of fun and all the children had a great time.

On Tuesday I took all four children (by myself!!) to the Natural History Museum.  They enjoyed going on the train and the bus, and they loved the Museum.  In the morning we spent quite a long time in the Creepy Crawlies gallery, and then looked at the Fossils as well.  We had lunch with two other home educating families, which was good fun. I always enjoy meeting people, and the children had a great time playing with their new friends.  We then spent quite a long time in the Wildlife Garden, before the inevitable visit to the shop (more new books!) and then we set off home.  I felt quite a sense of accomplishment at managing the trip on my own and I feel like a world of possibilities has opened up.

On Wednesday we had a meeting of our Home Ed group, at the home of a family who live on a smallholding.  The children had fun digging in the mud, and they also made leaf prints in clay.  Afterwards I helped out at the Beavers sports day, and Owl and Monkey had a great time and tired themselves out completely.  On Thursday I spent a very enjoyable morning at Rabbit’s Preschool.  It was really good to spend some time with her, and she loved it.  She has decided not to do the extra year at Preschool (which would be her Reception year) so she will be finishing next week.  It feels a bit strange to be leaving as it has been part of the routine for so long, but I’m sure it’s the right decision for Rabbit.  She is very excited about joining in with the boys and being home educated.  I asked her what she wanted to learn, and she said “Arts and Crafts and making caterpillars with pompoms.”  I think I can manage that!

This Saturday we had yet another celebration of Owl’s birthday.  We decided we couldn’t take all of his friends bowling at once at the beginning of the month, so we went again with a second lot.  His birthday has therefore lasted a whole month, and he had three birthday cakes – I hope we haven’t set a precedent.  After bowling, we went to a “Jubilympics” event at another local church which was good fun, and quite relaxed which enabled the children to wind down after the excitement of the morning.

Yesterday Owl sang in his choir concert which took place in a garden.  The afternoon started with the audience under umbrellas, but the sun came out just in time and it all went without a hitch.  Owl sang beautifully and came away with a big smile on his face.  Those are the highlights of the last couple of weeks, and there have been all the usual work and other activities going on as well.  As a result I am exhausted, but also happy and proud of my lovely children!  I do have one or two other things to report (regarding caterpillars turning into butterflies, and doing Maths with Smarties!) but I think they each deserve a separate blog post.  I’m going to stop now before I think of anything else – I think this post is long enough.