Praying for Kerry

The fewer the words the better prayer.  ~ Martin Luther
I’m struggling to find the words to write this post tonight.  Like many other bloggers, I am thinking of Kerry from Multiple Mummy, and have been moved by her story.  This is what happened to Kerry and you can see pictures of her and her lovely family in this post by her husband on her blog.  Many of us will be praying for her, meditating, sending positive thoughts or just eating chocolate on her behalf, tomorrow night, Saturday 24th November, at 10pm.  Please join us if you can.  Thank you.
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2 thoughts on “Praying for Kerry

  1. New Mum Online

    I haven’t done my 24th November post for her yet either due to the same thing “struggling for words” as you say. Still haven’t decided what to write, but I am visiting everyone who has linked up. I really believe in the power of prayer so I hope that both God and Kerry hear our prayers tomorrow, and that it speeds up her recovery and gets her home to her loving family.

    Liska xx


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