About time

It’s about time I did some blogging again, and as long as I can type one-handed while cuddling Tiddler and singing “Horsey horsey” on endless loop it should be perfectly possible.  That sentence took me about 5 minutes to write so this may take some time.

I’d like to be one of those bloggers who writes about their Advent traditions and Christmas crafting, but I don’t know how to fit it in.  I think I’ve been more organised this year than ever before, but still my usual late-night blogging spot has been taken over by internet shopping, wrapping presents and writing cards, and I just can’t start blogging after midnight!

… And it is now 1am, so it will have to wait, again.  I have been to the cinema this evening with a very good friend, and it was lovely.  We went to see Great Expectations which I enjoyed, and it has made me want to read the book again, just to compare it to the film.  It’s been about twenty years since I’ve read it so I can’t remember it all that clearly.

It was nice to go out, although not so much fun to come back to the to-do list which has taken me another hour or so.  Now I really have to stop and go to bed.

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