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Meal Planning Monday 25th November

Okay, I need to write this post quickly because otherwise it will be meal planning Tuesday which is insufficiently alliterative.  There are a couple of problems here.  One is that I have not thought of a meal plan yet.  The other is that I am so tired after a long and busy day (fab time at the Britmums Christmas do this morning, too much walking in high heels, catching up with a friend this afternoon while the children ate fish and chips, and then choir practice this evening) that I can’t think beyond tomorrow.  But I need a meal plan, it’s been working really well, and I don’t want to get out of the habit.  It may be a little odd that I have to check my own blog to find out what I’m supposed to be cooking each night, but it’s working for me.

So tonight was fish and chips, and tomorrow’s supper will be cold beef and bubble and squeak (leftovers from daddy’s excellent roast dinner on Sunday.)  Wednesday will need to be something quick before Rainbows and Beavers, so probably Quorn chicken pieces and/or fishfingers, oven chips and veggies.  Thursday will be chick pea and chorizo stew which turned out rather well last week, with baked potatoes if I remember to buy any in time.  I will do macaroni cheese on Friday for an early supper before we go to the high street to sing with our choir at the switching on of the Christmas lights.  On Saturday we will be having supper at our first meeting of Messy Church, a new initiative at out church which Paul and I will be running, with a lot of help from some wonderful friends (one of whom will be cooking for us this time!)  I’m not sure about Sunday yet, but possibly a roast dinner of some description.

I’m too tired, and it’s too close to midnight, so breakfasts, lunches, puddings and snacks will have to be made up as I go along this week.  I will finish with a photo with the prawn curry we made on Saturday evening.  Yes, I know last week’s post had a picture of prawn curry too, but (a) no-one will remember that, right? and (b) there’s a small but significant difference.  But that’s for another post 🙂



Meal Planning Monday

Meal Planning Monday 18th November 2013

We followed our meal plan last week and the biggest success was the prawn curry on Saturday night.  I wasn’t sure if the children would like it, but they did so it’s back on the plan for this week and I think we’ll be doing it regularly!

prawn curry

Today we were at Granny’s house for lunch as usual.  After a busy afternoon of violin lessons and visiting friends we had a quick supper of eggy bread and marmite sandwiches, followed by stewed apple with yoghurt, oats and elderberry syrup, when we got home.  This is the plan for the rest of the week.

Breakfasts – cereal, fruit, yoghurt, porridge, possibly a cooked breakfast on Saturday

Lunches – Armenian soup, tomato soup, bread, cheese and daddy’s homemade peanut butter


Tuesday – sausage casserole, mashed potato and cabbage

Wednesday – sausage casserole leftovers

Thursday – spaghetti with quorn bolognese

Friday – baked potatoes with chorizo and chick pea stew

Saturday – prawn curry and rice

Sunday – roast beef

Puddings – stewed apple, apple crumble, yoghurt, rice pudding

Snacks – fruit, rice cakes, breadsticks, crackers

I’m finding the meal planning really helpful.  It definitely saves money, and it’s much nicer than getting to 4.30pm and wondering what to cook!


Meal Planning Monday

Meal Planning Monday 11th November 2013

We followed most of last week’s plan, with a few small changes as a result of a couple of events being cancelled.  We’ve been at my mum’s house over the last few days, enjoying some lovely meals and appreciating the rest from meal planning and cooking!  Back home tomorrow, I’m not sure of the exact timing, so I’ll have to see how it goes, and start this week’s plan from Wednesday.

Breakfasts – We’ll be keeping it simple – I can’t remember what we’ve got in at home, but cereal and toast anyway, maybe porridge at the weekend.

Lunches – It will have to be something quick on Wednesday, so probably beans on toast; sandwiches on Thursday; Armenian soup (lentil and apricot) on Friday; whatever is on offer at Paul’s mum’s church fair on Saturday (probably hotdogs and soup); leftovers on Sunday.


Wednesday – pasta with lentil and tomato sauce.

Thursday – lentil and vegetable casserole, using leftover pasta sauce as a base.

Friday – baked potatoes and vegetable chilli

Saturday – prawn curry and rice (I think we are out of random meat in the freezer but we do still have prawns!)

Sunday – roast dinner at Paul’s mum’s house.

Puddings – stewed apple (again!), might manage to make crumble at some point too.

Snacks – fruit, biscuits, crackers and oatcakes.

Most of that is based on what we already have in at home.  I’ll have to do a quick check when we get back, but we should get away without having to do a big shop this week (thanks to both our mums!)  Might have to stock up the freezer again at the weekend though 🙂


Meal Planning Monday

Meal Planning Monday

This week is going to be busy, and I will be at BritMums on Friday and Saturday, so I am trying to prevent everything descending into chaos by being really organised.  That’s the theory anyway!  Things always go better when we make a meal plan, and we use all the contents of our veg box without having to make soup on Thursday night, also known as veg box eve!  Nothing wrong with making soup, but making it in the middle of the night is a bit crazy.  I have made a meal plan for the week and Suburban dad has done a big shop, though there will be inevitable trips out to pick up things we have forgotten (somehow fruit juice didn’t make it to the list), bread from the baker’s and meat from the butcher’s at the weekend.

Breakfasts will be cereal, fruit and yoghurt, as we won’t have time for anything more complicated.  Lunch today will be at Granny’s house, and the rest of the weekday lunches will be bread, cheese, ham, salad, etc.  This is the plan for the evening meals :

Monday – Spaghetti Bolognese (with Quorn mince), grated cheese and salad.
The big boys have got a friend coming round for supper and I have checked that he likes it.  I quite often do it when we have friends round, as it is easy and popular.

Tuesday – salmon fillets, new potatoes, peas, broccoli, greens.
The greens are from the veg box, we have some frozen peas already and I added broccoli to the shopping list because everybody likes it.

Wednesday – Quorn chicken, peppers, mushrooms and rice.
I think we will probably have our friends from 3 Kids and a Gluestick round for tea before Rainbows and Beavers, so I’m hoping this will suit all seven children.  I will cook everything separately for the kids, and save some for us to have later with some kind of sauce, probably tomato-based and spicy.  I usually eat with the children, but not on Wednesdays as they have to eat at 4.30pm, and also because I will be weighing in at Rosemary Conley in the evening so I prefer to eat afterwards!

Thursday – pasta and pesto, ratatouille, grated cheese and cottage cheese.
I will make the ratatouille in advance and offer Owl the opportunity to prepare the pasta and pesto.  It is his favourite meal and he can’t wait to be able to cook it on his own, but at the moment I think the pan of pasta and boiling water is too heavy for him to drain it safely without my help.  He enjoys doing it anyway, and it is a good quick and easy meal to do before he goes to Cubs.  The ratatouille is mainly for me, so that I don’t overdo it on the carbs, but some of the children like it I think.  And the cottage cheese is my alternative to the grated cheese, but most of the kids will probably have both.

Friday – pizza, olives and salad.
This is my suggestion for daddy and the kids while I am at BritMums, a nice simple Friday night supper.

Saturday – burgers, sausages, bread and salad.
Again, this is just a suggestion, and I don’t know if it will be needed as they will probably have eaten loads at the church fair in the afternoon, but I think daddy might like a trip to the butcher’s on Saturday morning and a chance to fire up the barbecue if the weather is good enough.

Sunday – baked potatoes, steak and salad.
Daddy’s favourite meal – I think he will deserve it after looking after the children for two days!


Meal Planning Monday