Meal Planning Monday 18th November 2013

We followed our meal plan last week and the biggest success was the prawn curry on Saturday night.  I wasn’t sure if the children would like it, but they did so it’s back on the plan for this week and I think we’ll be doing it regularly!

prawn curry

Today we were at Granny’s house for lunch as usual.  After a busy afternoon of violin lessons and visiting friends we had a quick supper of eggy bread and marmite sandwiches, followed by stewed apple with yoghurt, oats and elderberry syrup, when we got home.  This is the plan for the rest of the week.

Breakfasts – cereal, fruit, yoghurt, porridge, possibly a cooked breakfast on Saturday

Lunches – Armenian soup, tomato soup, bread, cheese and daddy’s homemade peanut butter


Tuesday – sausage casserole, mashed potato and cabbage

Wednesday – sausage casserole leftovers

Thursday – spaghetti with quorn bolognese

Friday – baked potatoes with chorizo and chick pea stew

Saturday – prawn curry and rice

Sunday – roast beef

Puddings – stewed apple, apple crumble, yoghurt, rice pudding

Snacks – fruit, rice cakes, breadsticks, crackers

I’m finding the meal planning really helpful.  It definitely saves money, and it’s much nicer than getting to 4.30pm and wondering what to cook!


Meal Planning Monday

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