Meal Planning Monday 11th November 2013

We followed most of last week’s plan, with a few small changes as a result of a couple of events being cancelled.  We’ve been at my mum’s house over the last few days, enjoying some lovely meals and appreciating the rest from meal planning and cooking!  Back home tomorrow, I’m not sure of the exact timing, so I’ll have to see how it goes, and start this week’s plan from Wednesday.

Breakfasts – We’ll be keeping it simple – I can’t remember what we’ve got in at home, but cereal and toast anyway, maybe porridge at the weekend.

Lunches – It will have to be something quick on Wednesday, so probably beans on toast; sandwiches on Thursday; Armenian soup (lentil and apricot) on Friday; whatever is on offer at Paul’s mum’s church fair on Saturday (probably hotdogs and soup); leftovers on Sunday.


Wednesday – pasta with lentil and tomato sauce.

Thursday – lentil and vegetable casserole, using leftover pasta sauce as a base.

Friday – baked potatoes and vegetable chilli

Saturday – prawn curry and rice (I think we are out of random meat in the freezer but we do still have prawns!)

Sunday – roast dinner at Paul’s mum’s house.

Puddings – stewed apple (again!), might manage to make crumble at some point too.

Snacks – fruit, biscuits, crackers and oatcakes.

Most of that is based on what we already have in at home.  I’ll have to do a quick check when we get back, but we should get away without having to do a big shop this week (thanks to both our mums!)  Might have to stock up the freezer again at the weekend though 🙂


Meal Planning Monday

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