The Christmas Unicorn

This morning, after Toddler Group, we went to the charity shop to look for some more Christmas books, and we found this rather lovely one.  When we sat down to read it this evening, we also read a few more of our Christmas poems, and Tiddler insisted on having Little Robin’s Christmas again as well.  I wonder if we will have to read all the books every day – if so we will need to start earlier.  I don’t think we’ll manage to read all 24 on Christmas Eve though!

the christmas unicorn

The Christmas Unicorn, by Anna Currey

It’s nearly Christmas, and Milly and her mum are staying at Grandpa’s house.  She is missing her friends, and most of all her Dad who can’t be there just yet.  Milly can’t sleep, and suddenly she hears a creak at the gate.  She looks out of her window and sees a unicorn.  Milly and the unicorn – whose name is Florian – become friends, and with a little bit of help from Florian, all Milly’s Christmas wishes come true.

The children all enjoyed this beautifully illustrated story about the magic of Christmas.

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