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Matilda Mae Welly Walk

It’s taken me a while to write about the Matilda Mae Welly Walk, which was on Saturday 2nd November.  Being behind on blogging is nothing new, but it’s also hard to find the words to do it justice.  There were so many things I loved about the day.

welly walk one 1

The beautiful setting of Beale Park in Reading, the pink and purple balloons and bunting, the gathering of so many friends who were there to support Jennie and David, remember Tilda and raise money for the Lullaby Trust.

welly walk two 2

The careful planning, the attention to detail.  Questions for the children to answer on the walk, provided by twinkl.

welly walk three 3

Wonderful live music, stars and bubbles.

welly walk four 4

And after the walk, so many exciting things for the children to see and do.

welly walk five 5

The Zu3D animation stand was the biggest hit.  More on that later…

welly walk six 6

Hook-a-duck, a lucky dip and lots and lots of fantastic toys to play with.

welly walk seven 7

So many people to talk to, a beautiful montage of photos of Tilda to watch, pink and purple star cakes to be eaten (and delicious pumpkin soup, and crepes with chocolate sauce!)

welly walk eight 8

The children were having such a brilliant time, and were so engaged in what they were doing, that we even got to drink whole cups of coffee without them going cold.

welly walk nine 9

A storytelling session in a beautifully decorated pink and purple tent held the attention of our older children very well, while Tiddler had some more playtime with daddy – it would have been very hard to tear him away from the toys.

welly walk ten 10

Later on we went back outside for the welly throwing competitions and some time on the playground equipment.

welly walk eleven 11

And finally, back inside and everyone gathered together for the prize giving and speeches.  Owl was thrilled to win a Kurio tablet – what an amazing prize!  Time for some more music, and a story read to the children by Jennie, a peaceful end to a lovely day.

welly walk twelve 12

As it began to get dark, we said our goodbyes and set off with sparklers, and a bunch of balloons weighed down with pink and purple wooden stars.  The sparklers lasted a moment, the balloons a week, but the stars are in our playroom to stay.

To Jennie, David and everyone who worked so hard to organise such a perfect day, thank you.

We will always remember Matilda Mae xx