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Baby Tilda Barn Dance

A week ago today we travelled to Kent for a very special occasion.  A beautiful setting, a perfect late Spring day, so many friends gathered to remember Matilda Mae and to raise money for the Lullaby Trust.

baby tilda barn dance 1

The children had a lovely time, playing outside, dressing up in silly hats and helping themselves to a selection of their favourite snacks – Tiddler couldn’t believe his luck!

baby tilda barn dance 2

Then we moved indoors for the dancing.  Owl was pleased to be allowed to join in with the band and Rabbit danced every dance.  Monkey and Tiddler preferred to watch, but they all had a good time.

baby tilda barn dance 3baby tilda barn dance 4

Rabbit made the most of the craft table, and had her face painted too.  All the children enjoyed the play area, and of course the ice cream.  There were bubbles for Tilda, big ones and little ones, a reminder of why we were there.

Rabbit has asked to help write this post, so over to her!

I liked playing with the ducks and I liked the snacks and smoothies.  I liked dancing and having my face painted.  I had an ice cream.  I liked playing with my friends.  I made new friends.  It was fun playing in the playground.  My brother played the violin.

baby tilda barn dance 5

Later there was more dancing inside, and then beautiful music by Classical Babies outside.  The afternoon ended with the three raffles being drawn, and we were very lucky to win some amazing prizes, including vouchers for Livie and Luca shoes and a Princess and the Frock dress.  Thank you Jennie for having us, and for all the hard work you put into it.  We had a wonderful day!


Country Kids from Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays Cornwall

Mile in Memory of Matilda Mae 2014

On Saturday 17th May, we joined with Jennie and friends to walk a mile in memory of Matilda Mae and raise money for the Lullaby Trust.  The little ones chose to spend the day with Granny, so Paul and I travelled up to Warrington with the two big boys.  The venue, Walton Gardens, was lovely, and the weather was perfect.

mile in memory 2014 1

We gathered in the courtyard and blew bubbles for Tilda while we waited for everyone to be ready to set off.

mile in memory 2014 2

Pink and purple balloons marked the route.

mile in memory 2014 3

Thomas made an appearance and we were sorry that the little ones had missed him, but even the big boys were quite pleased to see him.

mile in memory 2014 4

Beautiful pink and purple flowers reminded us why we were there.

mile in memory 2014 5

After the walk, there was time to play in the playground, have lunch and explore the park.

mile in memory 2014 6

We walked around the mini zoo, and spent quite a while trying to get a good peacock photo but they weren’t really in the mood for performing!

mile in memory 2014 7

The boys had a go at bungee trampolining.

mile in memory 2014 8

Then they went on the bouncy slide.  By this time it was very hot and they needed an ice cream to cool down before finishing with a ride on Thomas.

mile in memory 2014 9

Thank you Jennie for letting us be a part of your day to remember Matilda Mae.


Country Kids from Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays Cornwall

Matilda Mae Welly Walk

It’s taken me a while to write about the Matilda Mae Welly Walk, which was on Saturday 2nd November.  Being behind on blogging is nothing new, but it’s also hard to find the words to do it justice.  There were so many things I loved about the day.

welly walk one 1

The beautiful setting of Beale Park in Reading, the pink and purple balloons and bunting, the gathering of so many friends who were there to support Jennie and David, remember Tilda and raise money for the Lullaby Trust.

welly walk two 2

The careful planning, the attention to detail.  Questions for the children to answer on the walk, provided by twinkl.

welly walk three 3

Wonderful live music, stars and bubbles.

welly walk four 4

And after the walk, so many exciting things for the children to see and do.

welly walk five 5

The Zu3D animation stand was the biggest hit.  More on that later…

welly walk six 6

Hook-a-duck, a lucky dip and lots and lots of fantastic toys to play with.

welly walk seven 7

So many people to talk to, a beautiful montage of photos of Tilda to watch, pink and purple star cakes to be eaten (and delicious pumpkin soup, and crepes with chocolate sauce!)

welly walk eight 8

The children were having such a brilliant time, and were so engaged in what they were doing, that we even got to drink whole cups of coffee without them going cold.

welly walk nine 9

A storytelling session in a beautifully decorated pink and purple tent held the attention of our older children very well, while Tiddler had some more playtime with daddy – it would have been very hard to tear him away from the toys.

welly walk ten 10

Later on we went back outside for the welly throwing competitions and some time on the playground equipment.

welly walk eleven 11

And finally, back inside and everyone gathered together for the prize giving and speeches.  Owl was thrilled to win a Kurio tablet – what an amazing prize!  Time for some more music, and a story read to the children by Jennie, a peaceful end to a lovely day.

welly walk twelve 12

As it began to get dark, we said our goodbyes and set off with sparklers, and a bunch of balloons weighed down with pink and purple wooden stars.  The sparklers lasted a moment, the balloons a week, but the stars are in our playroom to stay.

To Jennie, David and everyone who worked so hard to organise such a perfect day, thank you.

We will always remember Matilda Mae xx


An auction to remember Matilda Mae

On February 2nd Matilda Mae was found sleeping.  On May 2nd she should have been celebrating her first birthday.  This month sees the launch of the Matilda Mae Memorial Auction, running from May 11th to May 20th, to raise funds for the Lullaby trust, the charity which works to support those who are affected by SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome.)  Please do support this worthy cause in any way you can.

Here are the links you need to find out more:

Information about the auction from Tots100

Susanne’s Page about the Auction

The Lullaby Trust

Information about the Mile in Memory Walks


Matilda Mae Memorial Auction

Lully, lulla, thou little tiny child

This is a guest post by Suburban Dad.

Lully, lulla, thou little tiny child,
By by, lully lullay

Oh, how we just want them to sleep! Parents will go to extraordinary lengths to calm a baby; some drive around the block until they are almost asleep at the wheel, others think a particular song has that magic calming effect (perhaps Sir Mixalot, for those of you who remember Friends). But the oldest soothing method of all is the gentle, repetitive rolling of the tongue and lips.  Lulla lulla lulla lulla by by by by by. Lullaby.

In the West we assume technology can solve all problems, including crying infants. We strap our children  into rocking machines, or play them special relaxation CDs that mysteriously cost twice the price of a normal one. But most of the women in the world do not have these plastic tools. They have arms, mouths and tongues. They lullaby. And when they are happy they trill their tongues in joy – alleluiaalleluialleluia. And when they are mourning they trill their tongues in grief – allaallaallaalla. This is called ululation, and it wells up from the same human emotional spring as lullabies.

And it is the same emotional spring. We pray that our babies will fall asleep, but, oh God, we pray more that they will wake again. What mother has not lain awake at night, rigid with fear, listening out for their baby’s breathing? And what parent does not wake in a cold sweat the first time their child sleeps through the night, convinced something terrible has happened?
For a small number of parents, something terrible has happened in the night. Sudden Infant Death Syndrome sounds scientific, but it is a temporary name, a placeholder while medical research uncovers the cause of babies dying in the night. Technology will not invent a perfect machine that gets kids to drift off, but there is a much better chance of technology, twinned with  medical research, solving the mystery of why some children never wake up.
The lines quoted above are from the Coventry Carol, which comes from a mediaeval Christmas play. The carol accompanies the act where the women of Bethlehem desperately try to get their children to shut up and sleep,  attempting to hide them from Herod’s soldiers carrying out their murderous orders. Our children are not, thank God, under that sort of threat, but every family has a slim chance of being affected by SIDS.
The charity that raises money to find a cause and a cure for SIDS has changed its name today – to the Lullaby Trust. If you support them you will be working towards a world where more mothers trill their tongues in joy instead of grief, and where women lullaby their babies to sleep without the fear that they might not wake up.

If you would like to find out more about The Lullaby Trust, please visit their website.

This post is for Jennie and in memory of Matilda Mae.  You can read Jennie’s lullaby post here, and also many more that have linked up to support the Lullaby Trust.