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A Pink and Purple Tea Party

This morning we started on the preparations for the messy play we had planned for this afternoon.  Rabbit and Tiddler and I made raspberry and blackcurrant jellies, and then I made some strawberry blancmange.  I put some pink, white and yellow sweets in some of the jellies, and added some mini marshmallows to the blancmange.  After lunch, Owl and Monkey joined in and we all made fairy cakes together, and then I made a heart-shaped cake with the leftover cake mixture.  (I always have leftover mixture because I can never pass up the opportunity to do a quick Maths lesson in doubling quantities!)

pink and purple 1

Next, I made some butter icing, and divided it into three bowls.  I coloured some of it pink and some puple, leaving the rest white. And finally, I made up a quick batch of raspberry Angel Delight.  When everything was ready, we set up the Tuff Spots with all the cakes and puddings, and added hundreds and thousands, edible pink glitter, pink and white flower decorations, and mini and micro marshmallows.  I also put out some pink wafers, strawberry milk and pink rolling icing, plus lots of cutters, rolling pins, spoons and other utensils.  The children also set out a blanket with some cushions, a wooden chocolate cake, and lots of cuddly toys ready to enjoy the tea party.

pink and purple 2     pink and purple 3

We decorated cakes, rolled out pink icing and cut out some hearts and circles, poured out pink milk and spooned pudding into bowls.  After making sure the dolls and cuddly toys had enough, the children ate rather a lot themselves.  As usual, I nearly let them ruin their appetites but remembered just in time, and got them to eat some beans on toast before letting them get back to their tea party which lasted for over an hour.

pink and purple 4    pink and purple 5

This post was written for Jennie‘s Messy Play for Matilda Mae linky which has a pink and purple theme this week.  Please also take a look at the Matilda Mae Memorial auction and bid for some lovely things to raise money for the Lullaby Trust.