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Nonsuch Park Run

On Saturday morning, Owl, Monkey and I went for a run in Nonsuch Park.
Nonsuch Park 1

We joined in with the official park run for the second time, along with some friends from our church.  We didn’t run the whole course, and in fact there was a lot more walking than running as Monkey wasn’t quite in the right mood this time.  I was very proud of the boys for giving it a go though, and I hope we will be able to do it together again.

Nonsuch Park 2

After the run, we had to wait for an hour till daddy could collect us, because he had taken Rabbit and Tiddler to Dramabuds.  The boys were not very pleased at having to wait, and it took some time for me to persuade them that a walk in the park was a good idea, but then they found a den with a really good climbing tree inside.  So they did accidentally have fun in the end!

Nonsuch Park 3

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