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Puppet playhouse theatre

One of the most successful presents we gave Rabbit for her birthday was this puppet playhouse theatre from Manhattan Toys which I chose online at the last minute, not quite sure if it would arrive on time.  Luckily I ordered it from PlayMerrily who are always reliably quick to deliver, so she got it on the day.  The description said there would be room for two children inside, so I thought they would have to take turns but all four of them have managed to squeeze in quite happily.  They have spent a long time planning and rehearsing shows, designing and making props and scenery, and performing for family and friends.  It has been really nice to see them all working together and having so much fun.

The pictures above are of the scenery for their jungle show, complete with palm trees, a snake and a teddy dressed as tarzan.  I love the ideas they came up with and the way they organised it themselves.  It was the perfect present for a five year old girl, but has been enjoyed just as much by the boys (aged 2, 7 and 8) so if you are looking for a birthday present for a child who loves imaginative play, it is highly recommended.  Especially if you are cutting it fine.  Thank you PlayMerrily for saving the day again!