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Home Ed Camp

Yesterday we set off on a short journey to a big adventure – our first overnight camp with a local home education group.  After a quick packed lunch and a chance to explore, the older children had a go at archery while the little ones had a session with slightly less dangerous bows and arrows.  For the rest of the day, they all enjoyed playing in the big open space and wooded areas, getting muddy and collecting wood, and after the evening meal we gathered round a camp fire and toasted marshmallows.  When we eventually tried to put them to bed, the excitement of the day was too much, combined with the excitement of bunk beds, and it was almost midnight by the time our children finally slept.  We did manage a game of knockout whist and some grown-up conversation though, before heading off to bed and discovering our daughter asleep on the floor of the corridor – she was the last one to give in to sleep, and not without a fight.

This morning, we were a bit slow to get going, but after a quick run in the drizzle (me) and a hot chocolate (the children), we joined the other families for breakfast.  Soon after that the older children had a go on the climbing wall, while the younger ones played frisbee, ran around and jumped in muddy puddles.  After that there was just time for a quick lunch before packing up to leave.  We had a great time, but it’s good to be home.  We may have mountains of muddy clothes to wash, but we also have happy children who are thoroughly worn out and now sleeping soundly.  We are very grateful to those who worked so hard to organise the camp, and already looking forward to the next one!