Suzy Goose and the Christmas Star

Tonight I read one of our Library books, Suzy Goose and the Christmas Star to the three younger children while Owl was at Cubs.  We chose it because we have Silly Suzy Goose at home, which Rabbit likes, and I think she is going to find it hard to give this one back to the Library.

suzy goose christmas star

Suzy Goose and her friends are gathered around the tree on Christmas Eve, and they decide that it is missing something.  “It needs a star on top,” honked Suzy.  “Just like the one in the sky.  I’ll get it.”  So she dives off the top of the hill, slides down and flies up into the sky.  When that doesn’t work, she tries everything else she can think of to get to the star but to no avail.  Lost and far from her friends, she is lonely till she hears their voices and finds her way back to them, and the star ends up above the tree after all.

Having read this story, we finally got round to decorating our tree, which we have had for nearly a week.  It doesn’t have a star on the top yet though!


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