Saturday Snippets 4th January 2014

{reading} two very different books – The London Eye Mystery, by Siobhan Dowd, and Some Recollections, by Emma Hardy, with accompanying poems by Thomas Hardy

{watching} an excellent pantomime – Peter Pan at the Epsom Playhouse

{eating} Turkish Delight – one of my favourite Christmas presents!

{playing} Scrabble

{listening to} Gregorian chant

turkish delight

{snapshots} All the children made birthday cards for Granny, and Tiddler wrote his name himself.  To be honest, I can’t think what the others have done that’s new, which shows that I haven’t spent enough time with them perhaps.  They have been enjoying their last few days of holiday time, playing lots of Lego, reading and playing games on the computer.  Owl has been really helpful, even more than usual, and is showing a lot of maturity by recognising jobs that need to be done and getting on and doing them.


One thought on “Saturday Snippets 4th January 2014

  1. liveotherwise

    They don’t necessarily do new things every week, my snapshots are just something I want to remember. Because although my blog once was just a daily entry of our lives, now our lives are very under the covers in it, and it made me sad that there weren’t any memories being captured. So whatever works, I’m saying.


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