Saturday Snippets 28th September

{enjoying} the lovely weather

{attending} three Macmillan fundraising events in two days

{admiring} our wooden kitchen worktops which have been sanded and oiled by Suburban Dad – they look as good as new, which obviously means I don’t actually want to use them!

{eating} picnic meals on a blanket in the playroom because everything that was on the kitchen worktops has been moved to the dining room table

{cleaning} the kitchen cupboards and reorganising them – I am working my way through them and finding it very satisfying!

{watching} Strictly Come Dancing with the big boys

{loving} Tiddler’s new sheep pyjamas, which I bought months ago from Kyna Boutique and saved for the Autumn.

Sheep PJs

{snapshots} Tiddler is not well and has been needing lots of extra cuddles in the last few days.  Rabbit went on a farm visit with Rainbows today and had a lovely time.  While we were watching Strictly this evening, Monkey entertained me with the funniest dancing I have seen in a long time.  Owl has been building Lego models on the themes of Maths and Science.


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