Saturday Snippets 17th August 2013

{feeling} refreshed after seven and a half hours sleep (I’d forgotten what not-tired felt like) and grateful to Granny for having all the children for a sleepover again.

{rediscovering} special books, toys and pieces of art work as a result of major decluttering.  After failing to complete my #40bagsin40days challenge in Lent (think I got to 13 bags then got distracted) I have picked up where I left off.  So far this summer I’m up to 15 bags to the charity shop, and more to go.

{labelling} everything so there are no excuses for not tidying up – I am in organising heaven. There will be a place for everything and everything in its place by the end of the summer if I achieve nothing else.

{reading} Little Mouse’s Big Book of Beasts and I’m a Chicken, Get Me Out of Here from Macmillan – reviews to follow.  We are enjoying them both.

{learning} origami

{completing} some of the many art, craft and science kits we have collected – working our way through them has been one of the most enjoyable parts of the decluttering process.

{wondering} why I let the children play with moon sand in the house, and then realising it was okay because I have a 9 year old who knows how to use a hoover.  He did a more thorough job than I would have done, I am sure.

{enjoying} delicious food cooked by the lovely husband – lentil dahl last night, hummus for lunch and roast pheasant for supper tonight.

{playing} yahtzee with the big three when they should have been in bed, because they were just being such good company.


{snapshots} Owl has been learning to iron this week, practising on daddy’s handkerchiefs.  Monkey has been building towns with blocks and wooden railway and is planning to make an enormous city with all types of Lego, Playmobil, blocks, train sets and cars.  Rabbit has been learning origami with me and Tiddler has been enjoying playing with Monkey’s towns.

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3 thoughts on “Saturday Snippets 17th August 2013

    1. Hannah Post author

      Thank you. My origami skills are rather basic, and limited to butterflies and birds so far, but I’m going to have another try next week!

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