A Railway in the Garden

On Tuesday it was daddy’s birthday and he had the day off work.  We had a lovely day together, and the highlight was an afternoon visit to some friends from our church who have a model railway layout in their garden.

train garden 1

The children had a wonderful time.  They operated the engines and watched the trains go round, and Owl talked non-stop to our friend who patiently answered all his questions and remarked what an intelligent boy he was!

train garden 2

Daddy and I spent some time discussing the possible model railway layouts we could have in our garden if we ever have the time and money to do it!

train garden 3

Maybe one day!
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One thought on “A Railway in the Garden

  1. Coombe Mill - Fiona

    What a lovely hobby to have, and such fun. They do take up a lot of room though but by the looks of things your friend has a good size garden. I hope Daddy had a great birthday and thanks for coming over and sharing with Country Kids.


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