Saturday Snippets 16th November 2013

{playing} with Edtoy Magnamobiles (a fire engine and a police car) and loving them – review to follow.

{relaxing} this morning while Paul managed to take all the children out to the hairdresser’s and the shops.  A long bath, a bit of laundry done, a blog post written and I felt much better.

{acquiring} quite a bit of random stuff at Granny’s church fair this afternoon, and having a lot of fun.

{tidying} the house and wishing it would stay tidy – I think another round of decluttering is needed before our church fair, and then Christmas.

{eating} Paul’s delicious homemade prawn curry and rice, and drinking wine while watching Strictly.

prawn curry


Owl has been working sensibly and independently a lot this week, and is feeling motivated because he would like to go to Oxford University, to study Astrophysics and Maths.  He’s always loved Science, but the enjoyment of Maths is relatively new and I’m pleased – I’ve been telling him Maths is fun for years!

Monkey wrote an excellent letter at Beavers on Wednesday: “To other beings in space.  My name is…  I live on planet Earth, the planet with just about enough things I need to live.  Food, water, beds, Lego, air, TVs.  Visit if you want.  Bye.”

Rabbit is gaining confidence in reading, and she has been working on words beginning with “th” and “wh” this week.  She is good at sounding out simple words now so we are working on building up her knowledge of tricky words.

Tiddler has been building Tomica roads and playing with his cars a lot this week.  On Friday, he went on a Bear Hunt in the garden at pre-school which he loved.  He told me you have to run away from cross bears but you don’t have to run away from friendly bears!

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