Saturday Snippets 12th October 2013

{driving} to Watford, slowly on the M25 with a 40mph speed limit

{chatting} to bloggers at the Junior Scholars event this morning, while the children tried out some great toys and educational resources

{missing} the chance to meet up with Jax and feeling a little disappointed about that

{relaxing} with our cousins in the afternoon, playing in the park, foraging for more berries and then nipping back into town to visit the Lego shop, and Junior Scholars again

{arriving} home at half past nine and managing to do day 12 of the 30 day shred after 10pm – it was hard to get started but I felt amazing afterwards!



{snapshots} Owl can tie his own shoelaces, Monkey can wash his own hair, Rabbit can read more words than I realised and Tiddler can count to 22!

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