Saturday Snippets 10th August 2013

I am in need of a little blog inspiration so I thought I would borrow this idea from Jax and see if it helps me to get back into the blogging habit.  I always enjoy reading her Saturday Snippets, so here are mine.

{Enjoying} a rare lie in until 10.15 as the children were having a sleepover at Granny’s (I’m still tired though, as I couldn’t sleep until 3.45am so it wasn’t exactly a long night, but would have been a lot worse if I’d been woken at 7am!)

{Making} potato salad for Daddy’s birthday barbecue at Granny’s house.  That was my sole contribution (apart from remembering to take the vegetarian sausages out of the freezer!) as Daddy was in charge of the meat, and Granny made the rest of the salads.

{Drinking} rather a lot of wine, and enjoying the company of good friends.

{Watching} our children and their friends playing together all afternoon, needing very little adult intervention, and feeling proud.

{Forgetting} to eat supper, after a late lunch and some afternoon grazing.  Remembered just in time to get a bowl of cereal before coming up to bed (yes, I am blogging in bed, when else would I do it? !)

{Reflecting} on a productive couple of weeks of decluttering and pondering what to tackle next – I am determined to have my house in order by the end of the summer.

{Wondering} if we will manage to get up in time for swimming lessons before church tomorrow morning, as we have had yet another late night.

{Snapshots} Owl had a day out at the British Museum with Grandpa to see the Pompeii and Herculaneum exhibition.  Monkey and Rabbit drew lollies on their chalk board while eating lollies in the garden.  Tiddler has potty trained himself in a couple of weeks and can now go to the toilet by himself, so we have finally finished changing nappies, after over nine years.

Rabbit has just woken up (at ten to midnight) saying that her legs hurt, only half an hour after the boys went to sleep.  So that half hour was my evening then!  Rabbit is now asleep again, so I can finish this post, but it is after midnight so my first ever Saturday Snippets will be published on a Sunday.  It’s not an auspicious start…

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