Holiday Hama

The big three and I spent this morning shopping, which was successful but quite tiring.  It was so cold, and my back was bad, but we got everything done, and I was cheered up by two things that happened in the last shop we went to.  Firstly, an elderly gentleman dropped a ten pence piece and asked Rabbit to pick it up.  When she gave it back to him, he told her she was a very kind, helpful girl, and gave her a pound coin.  Then, when we were paying for the shopping, the children were being very chatty to the lady serving us.  I was just wondering if I should rein them in a bit when she commented on their confidence and friendliness, and their good behaviour,  saying “They are a credit to you!”  Next time I notice other people’s children behaving well or just being lovely, as children generally are, I’m going to make the effort to say something like that to their parents, because it is good to hear!

After a morning out at the shops, we needed a quiet activity for this afternoon which would keep everyone involved while I got on with the housework, so I decided it was time to get the Hama Beads out again.  We started as soon as we had finished lunch and just about managed to clear all the beads off the table by supper time.  Rabbit and Tiddler spent quite a long time independently making patterns with the Maxi beads, but we didn’t manage to iron, or even photograph any before they got tipped off the boards.  After a while, Tiddler decided to play with his Lego Duplo train track, which kept him busy for most of the rest of the afternoon.  Meanwhile, Owl used the Maxi beads to make up his own design, a picture of a dog and a tree, with a frame around it.  He also made a pattern of stripes, going from transparent and white beads, through light and then dark colours, and ending with black.  Rabbit made a flower and a ladybird with my help, and Monkey made this elephant.  They all worked on their designs for a long time, and I was very impressed with their concentration.

It seems fitting, now I think about it, that we were Hama beading today while Merry was so much on my mind.  So this one’s for you Freddie xx

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