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Kyna Boutique

Kyna Boutique is another small business we love, for excellent quality Organic children’s clothes.

kyna boutique 1

On the same day as the little ones wore their new Livie and Luca shoes, Tiddler wore his Ava and Luc helicopter t-shirt from Kyna Boutique for the first time.  It was much admired at Toddler Group, and he loved it.

kyna boutique 2

After Toddler Group, he came home and did some painting in the garden.  After taking a few photos, I realised it might be a good idea to put a painting apron on him, so luckily the new t-shirt didn’t come to any harm.  As you can see from the photos, this was in the summer – yes it really has taken me that long to write this post!

Tiddler also has some fabulous Ava and Luc sheep pyjamas which he is very fond of, and a very funky starry vest.  Everything we have bought from Kyna Boutique is excellent quality, and the customer service is brilliant.

kyna boutique 3

Not only did we receive a chocolate lolly from them on their birthday, but we also got our Kyna Boutique Christmas card last week.  I’m very impressed by the personal touch and it is just one of many reasons why I would rather buy kids clothes from them than anyone else.  It may be an occasional treat, and I will still get most of our clothes from the charity shop, but when we do shop at Kyna Boutique, I know it will be money well spent.