An afternoon at the Rollright Stones

On Sunday afternoon we went to the Rollright Stones, which is one of our favourite places to visit near my mum’s house.

rollright stones one 1

We walked down to the Whispering Knights first.  On the way, we spotted a good crop of haw berries.

rollright stones two 2

The weather was perfect and we enjoyed making the most of the late Autumn sunshine.

rollright stones three 3

Tiddler found some mud to squelch in by the Whispering Knights so he was happy!

rollright stones four 4

On the way back, we stopped to pick rosehips and haws.  We even found a few brambles, and some elderberries too.

rollright stones five 5

I left Owl and Rabbit picking haw berries with daddy, as Monkey and Tiddler were keen to get back to the stone circle.

rollright stones six 6

They played there happily for quite a long time.  It was hard to stop Tiddler from climbing on the stones, until he decided to dig a hole with a stick which kept him busy for a while!

rollright stones seven 7

When Owl and Rabbit joined us, the children decided to count the stones.  There are officially 77, but we get a different number every time we count, because some are joined together and it’s hard to know what counts as a separate stone.

rollright stones eight 8

I had the bubble mixture from the Matilda Mae Welly Walk with me so we ended the afternoon by blowing bubbles for Tilda as the sun was setting.

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13 thoughts on “An afternoon at the Rollright Stones

  1. Coombe Mill - Fiona

    What a interesting and picturesque walk – no wonder the children were quite happy exploring there. Sometimes the simplest of activities are the best, great quality family time. Thanks for linking up and sharing your lovely photos with Country Kids.


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