What’s in a name?

The hardest thing about starting to write is the blank page – or screen.  When I thought about writing this blog I realised that the title could have become something I agonised about for so long that I would never have begun.  So instead I thought, I’ll just choose the first thing I can think of and get on with it.  Looking around the room, I happened to spot a rather beautiful box with a picture of The Very Hungry Caterpillar on it – having previously contained a mug and bowl gift set, it is now waiting to house “precious things” when I finally decide exactly which things are precious enough for such a gorgeous box!  So that is how this blog came by its name.  Only afterwards did I notice it was quite apt.  Watching children grow and develop into the amazing people they were created to be is perhaps a little like watching caterpillars changing into butterflies.  Only a bit more noisy and messy…

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