The Christmas Show

This evening’s bedtime story was The Christmas Show and we all loved it.  I read it first to Tiddler, then to Rabbit and then the big boys took it in turns to read it in bed.

the christmas show

The Christmas Show by Rebecca Patterson, Macmillan, Paperback, £5.99.

This very funny book tells the familiar story of a child who has a small part in the nativity play – “… in this show I think I am almost nothing.”  A few small mishaps occur, but the show goes on and the little boy is happy in the end, because not everyone cares if he sings at the wrong time or dances the wrong way.

Tiddler is, of course, an expert on the subject of nativity plays, having recently played an angel in his preschool show last week.

my angel

He also played a king in our Home Education group nativity from scratch yesterday, then went to a carol service at Granny’s (Paul’s mum’s) church afterwards and gatecrashed their nativity too, as did Rabbit, who was an angel.  Monkey (who was Joseph in our play) and Owl (the narrator) were more restrained at the church, though Owl (with a bit of help from Rabbit and Tiddler) sang “I’m a Little Christmas Cracker”, accompanied by Granny on the piano.

We enjoyed the book, and the conversations it prompted.  Tiddler particularly liked talking about the shows he has been in, and the parts he has played.  I now have the tricky job of persuading him to consider being something else for the nativity at the church near his other Granny’s house next weekend.  He’s been given the choice of being a shepherd or an animal, but he won’t be parted from his king costume.  We might have to adapt it!


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