The Carrot Cake Catastrophe

We have enjoyed reading The Carrot Cake Catastrophe! by Elizabeth Dale and Gemma Raynor, which was kindly sent to us (rather a long time ago) for review by Parragon Books.

carrot cake catastrophe 1

It’s mum’s birthday, and Jenny and Grandad try to make her a carrot cake.  Unfortunately, they make a few mistakes, and it turns into a catastrophe!  Jenny is very sad, until her mum comes along and makes everything alright again.

carrot cake catastrophe 2

At the end of the book, there is a recipe for carrot cake and Rabbit was keen to try it, so she wrote a shopping list for the ingredients we needed.

carrot cake 1

When it came to making the cake, Tiddler wanted to join in, and they worked very well together taking turns.

carrot cake 3

After a while, Tiddler had had enough, and Rabbit was left to finish the job.  Though I helped her, she really did a lot of the work herself.

carrot cake 4

Rabbit was very pleased with the results, and I am very proud of her.  She is planning to make it again for my birthday, which is good because it was actually the most delicious carrot cake I have ever tasted!

We were sent the book free of charge for the purpose of this review.

2 thoughts on “The Carrot Cake Catastrophe

  1. Sophie

    This cake looks delicious and not too complicated! Is there any chance you could post the quantities too please? We’ve been snowed in and watching the Great British Bake Off, so we’re very motivated. We’ve also got a ton of carrots!


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