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Water play with Baby and Bears

One day last week, Rabbit asked if she could give one of her (many) babies a bath.  It was rather lovely.  We filled a jug and poured some water in her baby bath.  I showed her how to check the water temperature with her elbow which she thought was quite funny.  Then she put her baby in, with a couple of Octonauts toys to play with!  She very carefully bathed her and washed her hair, before wrapping her in a towel and giving her a cuddle.  It was very sweet to watch, and she later said to me “I can’t wait to be a grown-up so I can have my babies!”

bathing baby

Tiddler was watching with great interest, and wanted to join in of course.  So I gave him a bowl of water and some toy bears and other animals and people to bathe.  He had a lovely time washing them, and then lined them up to dry, with help from Supergirl.  Next he decided that some of the bears would like to watch a show so the upturned bowl became a stage and some of the Fisher Price people were the performers.

Bathing bears

By this time, Rabbit had finished bathing her baby, and she decided to wash her “treasure”.  Then she built a treasure island out of wooden blocks.

treasure island

Monkey also built a stage out of blocks and set up his own show – I’m not sure what happened to the pictures.  They all had so many ideas, and it was fun to see what developed from the simple starting point of giving a baby a bath.

This is our Messy Play with Matilda Mae for this week – not quite as messy as usual, perhaps, though there was a lot of water on the table and the floor by the time they had finished!

Edspire  Messy Play