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A typical home ed day in pictures

There is no such thing as a typical home ed day, which is one of the things I love about home education, but this is what we did today anyway.

Owl and Monkey played with Lego in their bedroom after breakfast, and then Monkey came down and joined in with the little ones playing with the wooden railway and Lego Duplo.

After that, we had some Maths table time, and Rabbit continued with a project she started last week, drawing pictures for each number – she is up to number 5.  Then she started playing with the small (unifix? not sure what they are) cubes, and I offered her a sheet with numbers 1-12 for her to add the right number of cubes to, which she really enjoyed.  Monkey did a page from a workbook about telling the time.  I had suggested a different piece of work, about times tables, but he wanted to do the time one instead.  He used the Plan Toys wooden clock to help him.  Owl did a set of questions about subtracting time from his Galore Park text book.  Monkey also made a rather excellent Multilink cube man!

Monkey, Rabbit and Tiddler made an ice cream van and played in it for a while.

Then I took Owl and Monkey to their piano lessons.  Their teacher is a friend of mine, and while each one had his lesson I sat at her kitchen table and did Bible Reading with the other one.

When we got back we had a very quick bit of English table time before lunch.  Rabbit drew some leaves and traced over the word which I wrote for her, and Owl and Monkey finished off their Autumn mind maps which we started last week.  We are planning to write some poems this week.  Rabbit then went and made a beach scene in the playroom, and played in it with her baby doll for a little while.

After lunch we played the Tell the Time lotto game, and then my friend came to visit with her three children (4 year old twins and a 2 year old.)  We did some French, using flash cards as a starting point.  I asked the children if they could match some of their toy animals and vehicles to some of the cards, and they did a few but then one of the children wanted to match a toy helicopter to a card, but there wasn’t one, so Monkey made one for him.  We then talked about which French words would be most useful when we go to France, and decided that food words were the most important.  I asked Owl what he would like to be able to order in a restaurant, and he said chips, so he made a flash card as well.  The other children mainly played with toy animals and vehicles, and Rabbit made a field out of crepe paper for one of the horses.

Owl did some research about France on the internet, and then he and Monkey and Rabbit made French flags.  The little ones played and the twins did some excellent drawings (a car in a hole, and a fish with lots of faces!)  After that I read some poems to the children, until it was time for our friends to go home.

This evening Owl had his first rehearsal at Strings group, and before, during and after that various other things got done (BBC Bitesize Science, Mathletics, Spellodrome, Piano and Violin practice, tidying up and hoovering.)  Looking back over the photos I can see it was quite a productive day, though at the time it didn’t really feel like it, so I’m glad I did this post, even though I am up at 1.30am writing it!