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Father Christmas

I read Father Christmas by Raymond Briggs to the little ones when we went to the Library with our Home Education group recently, and they liked it, so I was pleased to find a copy in our local charity shop last week.

Briggs Father Christmas

This evening I read it to all the children and it was a great success.  It’s the story of Father Christmas getting ready and going out for his night’s work on Christmas Eve, written in comic book style.  He complains about the cold, the snow and houses which don’t have chimneys (an igloo, a lighthouse and a caravan all prove difficult to get into) and by the time he gets back home, he doesn’t want to look at another present.  He has had enough of “Bloomin’ Christmas” and is glad that it’s over for another year.

The book was published 40 years ago, and has remained popular ever since.  It was one of my childhood favourites, so it was fun to share it with the children.  I don’t know why I’ve never thought to get a copy before, but I’m glad we found one.  Definitely a Christmas classic!