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Maisy’s Snowy Christmas Eve

This afternoon we went to the Library with our Home Education group, and we borrowed some more Christmas books for our Advent collection (along with books about Star Wars, Iron Man, Superman and Wonder Woman of course!)  The book we chose to read this evening was Maisy’s Snowy Christmas Eve.

maisy snowy christmas eve

The story contains a lot of repetition: “Snow fell on Maisy’s house.  Snow fell on Charley’s house.  Snow fell on Cyril’s house.”  This makes it fun for Tiddler, who loves to learn his favourite stories off by heart, and encouraging for Rabbit who is learning to read.

Maisy’s friends are coming to her house for Christmas, but on the way Eddie the elephant gets stuck in the snow.  The others go out to look for him.  There is more repeated text:  “They found a shed covered in snow.  They found a bush covered in snow.  They found snow covered in snow…”  That is our favourite line!

When they find Eddie, first they try to pull him out.  Next they try to push him out.  Then Maisy has a good idea…

We love Maisy books, and have quite a few of them at home.  The stories are very simple, and the text is written in a child-friendly font, so they are good practice for early readers.  The illustrations are bright and colourful, and quite easy to copy so I think we might make a few Maisy-themed Christmas cards tomorrow!