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Edtoy Magnamobiles

In my recent post about Play Merrily Toys, I mentioned that we had been given two Edtoy Magnamobile vehicles to review.  We received the police car and the fire engine, and the range includes an ambulance, a bulldozer, a helicopter and several more vehicles.  They are made from wooden pieces which fit together with rotating magnets, so they can be combined in a variety of ways and the pieces will not repel each other.

edtoy magnamobiles 1

Tiddler and Rabbit decided straight away that they should have one each – the fire truck for Tiddler and the police car for Rabbit – but they did manage to share with the big boys who were keen to try them out too.  They were perfect for my children as they are suitable for age three upwards, and with supervision I would say that younger children would enjoy them too.

edtoy magnamobiles 2

We started off by playing with them on the dining room table so that the children could focus on the new toys first, because I knew that as soon as we took them into the playrooom lots of other toys would be added to the game.  They went to get the Budkins fireman and policeman straight away though.  We discovered that the ladder of the fire engine does not stand up well enough to hold the fireman.  You can make it stand up straight but it’s a bit wobbly.  Daddy thinks he can fix it, but in fact the children didn’t really mind and have played with it quite happily as it is.

edtoy magnamobiles 3

All the children enjoyed taking the vehicles apart and rebuilding them.  It was easy for the big three, and Tiddler only needed a very little help from Owl.

edtoy magnamobiles 4

Next, we moved into the playroom as Monkey wanted to build a city.  He discovered that the boxes the Edtoy vehicles came in made good buildings and he added his Lego minifigure house too.  With some Tomica road and a few other vehicles, they made a play scene which kept them all occupied for a long time.  It should have been bedtime but they were all playing so nicely that we let them carry on!

edtoy magnamobiles 5

While Tiddler was occupied playing with some of his other cars, Rabbit had a good chance to play with the Edtoy vehicles without interruption, and she took them apart and rebuilt them several times.

edtoy magnamobiles 6

The vehicles cost £17.95 each and I think that is good value because they have lots of play potential as construction toys, as well as vehicles, and they are very good quality.  They also appeal to a wide range of ages, probably from about 18 months upwards.  Owl is nine and he enjoyed building them, so if they were bought for a young toddler you could expect to get years of play out of them.

We were sent two Edtoy Magnamobiles by Play Merrily Toys for the purpose of this review.