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Owl’s sleepover in London

This post is written by Owl about his trip to London last week.

Granny came to collect me and we went on four trains.  We arrived at Bethnal Green station and walked to the museum.  It was very windy outside and we were nearly blown over.  In the museum, there were two puppet theatres and I did a puppet show.  There were also some very big dolls’ houses.  Some were built in cupboards, and were so big that they were mainly used for display.  It would have been hard to play with them as they were so high up.

When we went out it was not so windy.  We got the train back to Stratford and went to the Lego shop.  I thought the Lego shop would be outside on its own but it was actually inside the shopping centre.  It was a long walk to the Lego shop.  When we got there, it was quite impressive.  There were computers, a pick-a-brick section and an area where you could build your own minifigures.  I built three minifigures and we bought them.  We also bought a small box of pick-a-brick.  (Pick-a-brick is where you buy your own selection of Lego bricks.  It also has a bigger range of bricks on the computer.)

We bought pizza in M&S and went home to the flat for supper with Grandpa.  I found it hard to sleep but I did in the end.  In the morning, we listened to Grandpa’s CD of a Roman poem, “Horatius held the bridge.”  Then Grandpa went to work.  Later, Granny and I went to the Museum of Transport.  We saw lots of old carts and trains.  There was also a trail where you had to find 13 posts with stampers on them and stamp the card you were given.  There was a map on the back showing the locations of the posts.  Then we went home on the train, by a different route.

Owl goes to London

This is a guest post by Owl.

Two weeks ago I went to London with Granny.  We went on a Southern train and then on an Overground train.  We got off at London Bridge station and walked to Granny and Grandpa’s flat.  We had supper there and then Grandpa came home from work.  I went to bed and read “Secret Seven Fireworks” and then I went to sleep.  When I woke up I had breakfast and then we went out into London.  We took a bus to Trafalgar Square and went into the National Gallery.

We saw lots of paintings, including Monkey’s favourite one, “The Archers.”  My favourite was “The Cornfield” by John Constable.  We also looked at “Bathers at Asnieres” by Georges Seurat.  Granny told me about Pointillism which is using dots of different colours which merge together when you look at them from far away.  This painting was not painted with this technique, but later Seurat added dots of colour to some parts of the picture, including orange and blue dots to the boy’s hat.  I also like “The Umbrellas” by Renoir.  I like its detail and the little girl with the hoop (like Rabbit.)

I also liked “The Skiff (La Yole)” by Renoir, and we looked at the brush strokes and how the artist created the effect of the water.  After we left the gallery, we went on the train to Granny and Grandpa’s house.  When we got there Granny and I drew a picture together using pastels.  It is a picture of a boat on the water, and in the distance is the riverbank and a big hill.  We showed the reflections on the water by doing the colours faintly, using several different colours and making the strokes go sideways.  It was fun going on a trip and doing a picture with Granny.

What is your favourite picture?  Share it here!