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Easter nests and lemonade

On Wednesday we made our first batch of chocolate Easter nests.  I did it with Rabbit and Tiddler and they had fun, though the results weren’t brilliant.  I knew they wouldn’t be because we didn’t really have enough chocolate, and we added rather too many cornflakes to stretch it out to make 12, so they were a bit crumbly but they tasted fine.  We have since made better ones which I will blog later. (I am planning to stay in bed until I have caught up.  The kids may have other ideas, but I’m hoping the combination of CBeebies and Easter Eggs will keep them busy for a while.)

While I was making the Easter nests with the little ones, and Monkey was at Beavers, Owl and Supergirl made lemonade, following a recipe which we haven’t tried before.  Instead of squeezing the lemons, you cut them up and blend them with water, then add sugar.  It was quite a bit easier than squeezing them, and the children all liked it.  We are going to make it again soon by the traditional method to compare the results.

When Monkey came back from Beavers and daddy came back from work, and everyone had had supper, we all enjoyed Owl’s lemonade with our rather crumbly Easter nests, and the leftover mini eggs (from the nest making) and foil-wrapped eggs (from the Home Ed group rice activity.)  Tiddler was very keen for me to take a picture of the eggs for the blog as well as the nests and lemonade, so here they are!

nests lemonade eggs