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Half Term

It seems a long time ago now, but we had quite a good half term, though it didn’t all go exactly as planned.  On the first Saturday, Tiddler went to Dramabuds with daddy, and then I took him to Polesden Lacey while the big boys went to choir and Rabbit went to the Garden Centre with daddy.  On Sunday after church, we spent the day doing housework and laundry and then set of to Granny and Grandpa’s house late in the afternoon.  We were supposed to be staying for four nights but on the way we could smell diesel, so we called the AA out on the Monday morning.  There was a fuel leak and it couldn’t be fixed there and then, so we arranged to be towed home on the Tuesday.


After sorting that out, we had quite a relaxing day.  I went for a short run with Owl, then went out again to take photos as the countryside was looking so beautiful.  The children set up a shop with their toys, played with Lego and drew chalk pictures in the garden.  Rabbit and I made jelly, and she and Tiddler helped Granny make a cake. Owl had a friend over for a birthday tea (he is having a very extended birthday this year!)

cake and toys

On Tuesday, Rabbit, Tiddler, daddy and I went home in the AA tow truck, and Owl and Monkey stayed for two extra days with Granny.  I made the most of the unexpected time at home and did a satisfying amount of stuff from the domestic to-do list.  Rabbit and Tiddler did lots of drawing and making things, including collages, rockets and playdough people. They also played with blocks, did some painting, including bubble painting, and drew pictures with chalk.

art and craft

bubble painting

bubble painting and chalk

paint and blocks

On Thursday, the big boys came home, and on Friday we had a lovely day in the garden.  We did bubble painting again in the morning, and in the afternoon we had our story picnic.  On Saturday, while I was at Cybher, the children went to the Science Museum with daddy.  On Sunday we went to church and then spent the afternoon in the garden playing with sand and planting seeds.  It was really relaxing and a good end to the week.