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And a few more pictures…

Another random catch up – pictures the children have asked me to take for the blog over the last couple of weeks.  I’ve been feeling like a bad mummy (and a bad blogger) for not posting them sooner, so here they all are.

Yummy delight 2

Rabbit made Yummy Delight, according to Monkey’s recipe.

Tiddler's magnets Rabbit's magnets

Tiddler and Rabbit played with magnetic letters, numbers and shapes.

Teddies and dolls Brio layout

Somebody made a bedroom for teddies and dolls in the book corner, and somebody made a Brio layout which just had to be photographed.  Sorry I can’t be more specific.  It’s been a while…

Knex whale Knex cat

They all played with Knex a lot.  Monkey made the whale and Rabbit made the cat.

Lola picture

And Rabbit made this picture this morning.

Rabbit’s pumpkin soup

This is a guest post by Rabbit.

I made pumpkin soup with mummy and I ate it and it was really yummy.  This is how we made it.  We fried some chopped onions in the pan, and then we added some cloves of garlic.  I peeled the skin off the garlic.  Then I added chopped pumpkin and butternut squash and some water.  I also put in some mixed dried herbs, some cumin, salt and pepper, and some vegetable stock powder.  We cooked it for about half an hour, then mummy blended it.  We ate it for supper on Hallowe’en.