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This post was written by Owl.

When we went to Granny’s house a few weeks ago, we played with the big wooden castle.  In the night, when the little ones were asleep, Monkey and I were allowed to stay up so we could make a battle scene with the castle.  We placed the drawbridge just the right distance away from the castle.  Then, we decided to make a moat out of blue paper.  Later, the scenery around the castle grew to include green grass and and a little bridge made out of brown paper leading to the prison door, so that the guards can go in and out.  Then Monkey put on some paper logs, and we both made some fish to go in the moat.  Then we put the soldiers in place, and the battle began.  It was England against Scotland, and we can’t tell you who won because the battle hasn’t finished yet.  Some battles last a very long time (like the 100 years war, which was really 101 years.)