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Aquila Magazine

This post was written by Owl.

We have been sent three copies of Aquila Magazine to review.



My favourite bits are Over to You (a page where you can send letters in) and the instructions for making things.

In the November issue, I was very interested to read about time travel.  The article explains the theories about time which were put forward by Immanuel Kant and Albert Einstein.  They raised the questions “Is time real?” and “Does time always go at the same speed?”  I think time is real but I’m not sure, and in my opinion time doesn’t always go at the same speed.  For example, in the early hours of the morning on Christmas Day, time seemed to go very slowly.

I like the mask-making activity in the December issue.

aquila masks

The two things I like best in the January issue are the article about “Why successful people love to fail” and the instructions for making the giant hands, which I will do as soon as I can.

Thank you to Aquila for sending us these excellent magazines!

We were sent the magazines free for the purpose of this review.