Snow and Ice

Yes, I know it was a long time ago… I was hoping to get away with it by waiting for it to snow again, and then sneaking this blogpost in so it wouldn’t look out of place, but that doesn’t look like it’s going to happen.  So, I’m just going to publish it now anyway.  This is what we did when it snowed!

We found ice in the garden, brought it into the house and investigated it.  We discovered a beetle frozen in a block of ice, and melted the ice to get the beetle out.

Ice 1 Ice 2

We touched the ice to see what it felt like and looked at the different shaped pieces.  The circle of ice came from inside a bucket.  We found different ways to melt the ice, leaving it at room temperature, using the heat of our hands, placing it in cold, warm or hot water, and putting salt on it.  Salt was really good for breaking a thick piece of ice quickly.  We put a line of salt across the middle and that weakened it enough so we could break it with our hands.

Ice 3 Ice 4

We experimented with a variety of tools to break the ice.  The hammer was the most fun!

Ice 5 Ice 6

We played in the garden.  We made snow angels, threw snowballs, made a snowman and pulled each other on the sledge.

Snow 1 Snowman

Some of us couldn’t resist eating the ice and snow from the garden, so we made some Lego ice cubes with clean water to play with and eat!

Ice cubes 1 Ice cubes 2

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