I blame that Hollybobbs lass, she started it.  A couple of nights ago, I was lying in bed idly scrolling through my twitter timeline, when I saw her tweet asking if anyone wanted to join her in doing the 30 Day Shred in October.  I have the DVD, I haven’t used it in ages and I’ve never done 30 consecutive days, so I said I’d have a go.  As did about 70 other people, so it’s a bit hard to back out now.

A couple of years ago I lost 3 and a half stone, but recently a little bit has crept back on (well, 11lbs to be precise) and the size 10 jeans are feeling a bit snug.  I can’t afford to buy any more, so I need to lose a few pounds quickly.  I’m hoping the shred will help – we’ll see.


This is my before photograph.  I’m okay with my shape though it’s a bit lumpy!  But I wouldn’t be okay with being any bigger, so this is about reversing the trend.

Starting Weight: 10st 13lbs

Waist: 30 inches

Hips: 38 inches

BMI: 23.27

Watch this space!

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