Settling in to a new term – with a little help from twinkl

It’s taking us a while to get back into term-time mode this September.  We spent the first week on holiday in Wales, and this week we have been staying at my mum’s house.  The children have been gently getting back into a bit of a routine and doing a little more written work than they have over the summer.   I have been starting to think and plan a bit about what we might do this term.  I don’t do written plans, because it makes me too focussed on ticking things off when I should be going with the flow and following the children’s ideas.  (That is basically my problem with the National Curriculum in a nutshell!)  However, I do like to look ahead and come up with a few ideas for the term which I can fit round whatever else my very creative children come up with.

I have been browsing on the lovely twinkl website again, and getting excited about their excellent range of resources, so I thought I would share some of my favourites here.

  1. Gruffalo Story Sack Resource Pack
  2. CVC Word Activity Sheet Pack
  3. Compound Word Matching Game
  4. Toy Shop Bingo
  5. Number Playdough Mats
  6. Colours of the Rainbow English French Spanish and Italian
  7. Leaf Hunt Checklist
  8. Book Review Worksheet
  9. Invention design sheets
  10. World War Two Letter Writing Challenge Cards

We have been given a free twinkl premium subscription in order to review the resources, so I’ll let you know how we get on!

One thought on “Settling in to a new term – with a little help from twinkl

  1. Heather@twinkl

    Aw Hannah that’s so lovely, and a great idea to list your favourite resources too! Happy days. I haven’t actually seen the World War 2 letter writing resource yet so I’m just going over to take a look at that now. Please do carry on writing about twinkl and let us know what you think about our lovely resources!


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